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Cultural changes, the ace up the sleeve of The Live Green Co

InvestChile - September,2,2020

The company uses biotechnology and machine learning to create plant-based alternatives to animal and synthetic ingredients.


With the growing interest in sustainable consumption and eco-friendly products, it is clear that the pandemic has sensitized Chilean shoppers in more ways than one. They will cause an increase in sales of sustainable categories in the region’s main marketplaces. Although confinement has accelerated the trend, it was already gaining strength, with more than 4,000 Chileans prioritizing purchases of this type last year.

This is clearly reflected in the boom experienced by some environmentalist brands as a result of the growth of this preference. This is the case of The Live Green Co, a foodtech company that markets plant-based products and has tripled its growth during the pandemic. There is, however, something more behind this explosion in sales and it is not merely a matter of its marketing strategy.

Understanding the magic of The Live Green Co

Let’s put it this way: The Live Green Co’s simple secret is that it preaches its green philosophy to millennials. With founders who came directly from India - where Gandhi’s Eco-Swaraj philosophy promotes a green and radical democracy in harmony with the earth and the environment - the foodtech company promotes what was once seen as an indispensable trend but is now fundamental and necessary for the world’s consumers: its magic comes from being true to itself.

All the Chilean startup’s products are healthy and sustainable, from the product itself through to the packaging and production process, a proposition so attractive that its devotees include important investors from Argentina, Chile, Mexico and the United States, who recently disbursed US$1 million in a seed round.

It is easy to understand why the foodtech company is doing so well and is promoting and fostering huge cultural changes under which markets and society are evolving and demanding greener products. Indeed, with 40,000 Chileans purchasing eco-friendly products in the last 12 months, according to the recent sales reports of Mercado Libre, markets are demanding more sustainable actions.

Investments in technology of nature: what is this about?

The Live Green Co goes from words to action in the shortest possible time and in the best possible way. As its name indicates, it offers the gastronomic market technological solutions through software driven by artificial intelligence (AI) that uses the ancient science of nutrition based on plant-derived ingredients.

It combines biotechnology and machine learning to create plant-based alternatives to animal, synthetic and highly processed ingredients for food products.

Originator of the idea

Priyanka Srinivas and Sasikanth Chemalamudi from India traveled to Chile to launch The Live Green Co, an environmental project that, in its first stage, scraped together resources from wherever it could: bootstrapping, prizes from accelerators and money from Demo Days, with a pre-investment of 300,000 pesos.

“As a consumer, I felt guilty every time I bought a product that was not in line with the Live Green concept; for example, bottled water. As I traveled the world, I realized that the same is true even in developed countries,” said Srinivas in an interview.

The founder’s travels around the world showed her that the foodtech company’s beliefs are shared in many countries, encouraging her to compete in four accelerator programs in different countries. In this way, the initiative became the only Latin American startup to appear in the Cleantech Group’s Global 50 To Watch list of companies and to be in the 2020 Top Ten Food Innovation ranking of Chile’s Transforma Alimentos organization.

Source: Startups Chilenas

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