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Climatescope 2018: Chile leads international renewable energy ranking

InvestChile - December,3,2018

Measures such as public policies, investment and a commitment to decarbonization position the South American country in top place out of 103 countries.  

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For the first time, Chile has been chosen as the world leader in renewable energies in the “Climatescope 2018” report, which analyzes policies in this field across 103 countries around the world.

The study, which can be downloaded here, was prepared by BloombergNEF and highlights the South American country for the implementation of government policies, investment in the generation of clean energy and its commitment to decarbonization.

The survey revealed that Chile ranked 12th in the “opportunities” category, due to the opportunities it offers for “clean energy procurement” while, on “experience”, it ranked 8th due to the investment and development carried out between 2014 and 2017.

“Despite decelerating clean energy (...) the government remains determined to deal with the complexities generated by high penetration of wind and solar while continuing to reduce power sector emissions and fight climate change,” stated the report.

Last year, Chile took 7th place in the world. Now it is the top scorer, followed by India, Jordan, Brazil and Rwanda. The Climatescope 2018 report analyzes 80 indicators related to energy policy, emissions and technology.

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Source: Cooperativa

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