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Sinovac initiated construction of its new plant in Chile

InvestChile - May,20,2022

“Sinovac’s arrival in Chile is a great example of what happens when foreign companies, the public sector, and academia align their interests in pursuit of a common goal”, said Karla Flores, InvestChile Director.

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With the presence of government authorities, lawmakers, businesspeople, and members of the scientific and academic community, Sinovac Biotech Chile officially inaugurated construction of its vaccine fill and finish plant in Quilicura, to the north of the Santiago Metropolitan Region.

Sinovac’s first plant in Latin America will require an investment of US$100 million, and will have an annual production capacity of up to 50 million doses of vaccines against diseases such as COVID-19, influenza, hepatitis A, and others in the future. The plant will enable distribution of these vaccines to be streamlined in both Chile and the rest of the region.

“Sinovac Biotech Chile is establishing a presence in our country with three main objectives: to contribute to public health in Chile and other countries in the region by making vaccines available to combat a range of major diseases; to promote public-private academic collaboration to foster local R&D; and to train professionals to work in the production of vaccines with the highest global quality standards (GMP)”, explained Sinovac Biotech Chile’s Vice-President of Corporate Affairs, Dr. Virginia Garretón.

In the future, Sinovac Chile expects to continue incorporating new vaccines to support health requirements in Chile and Latin America, in order to keep protecting human lives and health.

“This and other projects that exist in the country will generate new capabilities that put Chile on another level. On the one hand, this project will provide greater protection and security for the population in terms of having access to vaccines with emergency use authorization; and, on the other hand, it will enable us to develop a research, knowledge, and technology hub to advance Chile’s development”, said Chile’s Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Minister, Flavio Salazar.

“Sinovac’s arrival in Chile is a great example of what happens when foreign companies, the public sector, and academia align their interests in pursuit of a common goal. This not only results in good business for the company, but also generates a real benefit for our country and its people”, added InvestChile Director, Karla Flores.

In the launch of this plant, Sinovac has received the support of InvestChile, which forms part of the Economy Ministry; the Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Ministry; the Health Ministry; and Universidad Católica de Chile.

To find out more about investment opportunities in the Chilean pharmaceutical industry, read the following article.


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