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Chile calls ecotourism tender for Pumalín and Patagonia National Parks

InvestChile - November,13,2020

The tender will offer concessions on infrastructure and services in the parts of these protected natural areas that are for public use.

PARQUE PUMALIN - Ruta de los Parques-1

The National Forest Service (CONAF) has called a tender offering concessions on the principal ecotourism infrastructure of the Pumalín Douglas Tompkins and Patagonia National Parks in the Los Lagos and Aysén Regions, respectively.

In the case of the Pumalín Douglas Tompkins National Park, the concessions are for the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure, cabins and cafeteria located in the public-use area of ​​the Caleta Gonzalo sector and the Park’s areas of expansion for public use in the municipal district of Chaitén in the Palena Province of the Los Lagos Region.

In the Patagonia National Park, the concession is for the operation and maintenance of its infrastructure and facilities, which include a lodge and restaurant service, located in the public-use area of the Chacabuco Valley sector and the Park’s areas of expansion for public use in the municipal district of Chacabuco in the Capitán Prat Province of the Aysén Region.

CONAF’s manager of protected natural areas, Italo Rossi, stressed “the importance of this tender, which is the continuation of the good practices the Tompkins Foundation has implemented in both parks, along with the assurance that, through this tender, we are seeking the best concessionaire to be successful from the point of view of conservation as well as economically and in terms of the positive impact on regional and national tourism.”

These two parks form part of the Patagonia Network of National Parks, which was established thanks to joint and coordinated work between CONAF, different government services and the Tompkins Conservation Foundation (FTC). This initiative included the donation of private land and the incorporation of new state land into the National System of Protected Natural Areas, which CONAF administers.

Following the official creation of these national parks in 2018, CONAF and the Tompkins Conservation Foundation signed a Framework Collaboration Agreement for the Management of the State Protected Natural Areas in the Patagonia Network of National Parks Project. This seeks to ensure ongoing protection of the two parks, which were donated by the Tompkins Conservation Foundation, and maintenance of their infrastructure for public use.

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Source: Undersecretariat for Tourism

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