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R&D: the investments of Cargill in Chile

InvestChile - November,6,2018

The company was one of the pioneers of the successful use of Chile’s Research and Development Law, a tax incentive that seeks to improve firms’ ability to compete. 

Topics: R+D Law- Innovation- Food Industry- biotechnology

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InvestChile launches first Investor’s Guide in Mandarin

InvestChile - November,5,2018

In activities in Beijing and Shanghai, the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency presented a new publication to facilitate Chinese companies’ investment in Chile.

Topics: Foreign Investment in Chile- China

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Data consumption in Chile: mobiles devices account for 85% of Internet access

InvestChile - October,25,2018

Analysis of official figure shows that mobile traffic grew by 105% in a year as compared to 40% for fixed lines.

Topics: Conectivity- global services- technology- Infrastructure

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Driven by Chinese demand, exports of cherries and blueberries beat record

InvestChile - October,23,2018

According to official data, the main destinations for products of this type are China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the United States.

Topics: Food Industry- international trade- China- Fruits

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WEF: Chile rises in global competitiveness ranking and leads Latin America

InvestChile - October,18,2018

Chile, whose macroeconomic stability is highlighted in the World Economic Forum’s report, ranks well ahead of Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Colombia.

Topics: WEF- Global Competitiveness Report- Latin America- Rankings

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World Bank: Chile has the best human capital in Latin America

InvestChile - October,15,2018

In its new Human Capital Index, the World Bank concludes that children born in Chile today will, when grown up, be 67% as productive as they could be if they enjoyed complete education and full health.

Topics: Human Capital- World Bank- Latin America

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IKEA: Expansion in South America will be the fastest and largest in the company’s history

InvestChile - October,12,2018

The Swedish giant plans to expand to 12 new markets over the next few years and would arrive to Chile at the end of 2020.

Topics: Retail- Ikea- Foreign Investment in Chile- Doing Business in Chile

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Chile greenlights Latin America’s largest desalination plant

InvestChile - October,11,2018

The solar-powered desalination plant will have a maximum capacity of 2,630 litres of water per second, with an initial investment of about $500 million.

Topics: Mining- Solar energy- Infrastructure

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Norway’s PatoGen opts for Chile for its international expansion

InvestChile - October,8,2018

The company, which develops products and services related to fish health, has announced that it will be opening offices in “key markets” and has chosen Puerto Varas in Chile and Oban in Scotland for its new operations. 

Topics: biotechnology- Salmon

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Chile begins reduction of airport departure tax

InvestChile - October,3,2018

The tax for domestic flights will immediately drop by 20% and, for international flights, be cut from US$30 to US$26.

Topics: Airports- Tourism- Doing Business in Chile

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Miners around the world turn to green power options

InvestChile - October,3,2018

Using renewables is helping the industry cut costs and reduce polluting emissions. It is a concern that is growing among some of the largest consumers of raw materials, some of whom are keen to burnish their environmental credentials.

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Large LSST telescope starts to take shape in the north of Chile

InvestChile - October,1,2018

Its construction is the most advanced among the South American country’s three new mega observatories and it is expected to start operating in 2020.

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The role of copper in energy sources of the future

InvestChile - September,20,2018

The renowned speaker on energy issues, Gianni Kovacevic, says Chile has a privileged position regarding future energy sources, due both to its wind and solar potential as well as its copper reserves.  

Topics: Clean Energy- Foreign Investment in Chile- copper

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Chile’s first steps to producing green hydrogen

InvestChile - September,17,2018

The country is promoting the creation of projects in four areas: mining transport, storage of hydrogen, green ammonia-based fertilizers and, even, the export of green hydrogen. Chile’s great advantage is its growth of clean energies, the base of the sustainable version of this gas. 

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Google to invest $140 million to expand solar-powered data center in Chile

InvestChile - September,13,2018

The expansion, announced by Google and Chilean officials, represents the company's second stage of growth for the data center in Quilicura, near Santiago, which became fully operational in 2015.

Topics: Foreign Investment in Chile- Google- global services- technology

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Highlighted by Forbes and in the sights of the retail sector: the Cornershop success story

InvestChile - September,12,2018

Two Chileans and a Swede are the minds behind the successful mobile application which was launched in 2015 and operates in Chile and Mexico.

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Chile anticipates mining investment of US$65,747 million over the next ten years

InvestChile - September,3,2018

The South American country is the world’s principal copper producer and accounts for 54% of global lithium reserves.

Topics: Mining

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Chile seeks investments for the digital economy in Miami

InvestChile - September,3,2018

At a well-attended workshop and in some ten meetings with company representatives, InvestChile presented the opportunities and incentives the country offers for the export of technological services with high value added.

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The project that seeks to position Chile as the leader in astronomical data

InvestChile - August,29,2018

According to the government, observation of the universe from telescopes in Chile will, by 2022, generate as much data or more than Facebook and Twitter or Internet giants Google and YouTube, pushing out the boundaries of big data.

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First 24/7 solar plant to start operation in Chile in 2019

InvestChile - August,28,2018

The plant, which is unique in Latin America, will be able to supply a city like Antofagasta, with over 400,000 inhabitants, permanently for 24 hours a day. This type of technology paves the way to transforming the sun into the country’s principal source of electricity. 

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