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Green Hydrogen: Investment Opportunities in Chile

InvestChile - June,12,2024

Chile is emerging as a leader in green hydrogen production, offering an ideal environment for foreign investment in renewable energy.

Topics: Energy- Green Hydrogen- Renewable energy

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Chile: 5,000 scholarships awarded by Google to acquire digital skills

InvestChile - May,31,2024

The scholarships will be awarded in partnership with Talento Digital and will provide access to a new Artificial Intelligence course and Google Career Certificates.

Topics: Global services- Technology- Talent

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Cooke harvests first organic salmon in Chile

InvestChile - May,13,2024

The implementation of this groundbreaking project will initially account for 25% of the total production of Cooke Chile, a Canadian-owned company.

Topics: Food Industry- Salmon- Canadian investment

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University of Tokyo inaugurates world’s highest observatory in Chile

InvestChile - May,7,2024

Located in the Atacama Region, at 5,640 meters above sea level, it houses a 6.5-meter optical-infrared telescope that took 26 years to plan and construct.  

Topics: Global services- Astronomy

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Chile launches incentive for international audiovisual productions

InvestChile - May,6,2024

The IFI Audiovisual offers an attractive incentive for foreign productions, reimbursing up to 30% of qualified expenses incurred within the country, and 40% for those productions that are made entirely in regions outside the Metropolitan region.

Topics: Global services- Creative industries

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Eramet prepares US$1 billion lithium investments in Atacama Region

InvestChile - April,15,2024

The French company explains that its presence «provides geographical diversification to the Chilean lithium industry, whose current stakeholders only have links with the United States and China.»

Topics: Mining- Lithium

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Lithium: Chile wants to double production to avoid risk of battery substitution

InvestChile - April,10,2024

Treasury Minister Mario Marcel assured that it is necessary to increase production so that it remains profitable and attractive to manufacture lithium batteries.

Topics: Mining- Lithium

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Chile invites investors to express their interest in lithium

InvestChile - April,5,2024

The government announced the deadlines for submitting proposals to develop one or more projects. The results of this process will be announced in July.

Topics: Mining- Lithium

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Clinical trials: Investment in Chile grew by 62% in three years

InvestChile - April,5,2024

The Survey and Longitudinal Studies Center of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile conducted a study on companies affiliated with the Chilean Pharmaceutical Innovation Chamber (CIF), revealing an investment of approximately US$136 million by 2022.

Topics: Healthcare

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Why invest in cold chain infrastructure in Chile?

InvestChile - April,4,2024

The world is demanding better quality food every year, both fresh and frozen. This represents a business opportunity for refrigeration companies in a country with a leading and sophisticated food industry like Chile.

Topics: Food Industry- Cold chain infrastructure

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Hasbro backs growth of innovation and technology in LatAm

InvestChile - March,25,2024

The US manufacturer is assessing its offer of traditional toys, new lines and licensed brands such as Disney.

Topics: Retail- US investment

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Chile holds first place globally for solar energy consumption

InvestChile - March,22,2024

A report by Our World in Data revealed that Chile has not only positioned itself among the countries with the highest levels of solar energy consumption, but is also leading the global ranking of solar energy use. 

Topics: Energy- Renewables

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World's first green air traffic control station to open in Chile

InvestChile - March,21,2024

The station, located in northern Chile, will be used by the civil aviation authority, DGAC, and will be powered by 340 solar panels and adjacent batteries placed beneath the region’s abundant sunlight.

Topics: Infrastructure- Energy- Renewable energy

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ENAMI calls for innovative companies in lithium extraction

InvestChile - March,18,2024

The National Mining Company of Chile has initiated a Request for Information (RFI) aimed at companies and consortia working on new technological processes for lithium extraction.

Topics: Lithium

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Investing in AgriTech in Chile: Why is it attractive

InvestChile - March,4,2024

Smart agriculture, water resources management, food traceability, agroinformatics, and agricultural biotechnology are just some of the subsectors with the highest demand.

Topics: AgTech

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Chile’s hotel industry ends 2023 with strong results

InvestChile - February,28,2024

According to a report by Colliers, the occupancy rate for Chilean hotels increased from 49% in 2022 to 51% at the end of 2023, and also compared favorably to 2018 and 2019, when the occupancy rate was 50% and 47% respectively.

Topics: Infrastructure- Tourism

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Foreign companies: Find out how to help rebuild Valparaiso

InvestChile - February,23,2024

Chilean and foreign companies can donate money or goods through the National Reconstruction Fund, and receive tax benefits by helping the area destroyed by recent forest fires.

Topics: Foreign companies

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Discover Tesla's 2 upcoming electric car models for the Chilean market

InvestChile - February,8,2024

Tesla will introduce the Model 3 and Model Y in Chile, featuring the most widely-used connector in the country, allowing them to be charged anywhere.

Topics: Electromobility- Tesla

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UAE-based Group ADQ buys Chilean company Verfrut

InvestChile - February,5,2024

The company was valued at US$680 million, including debt. The process still has to go through the regulatory phases. “We look forward to the next stage of our successful journey,” said Romano Vercellino, founder of Verfrut, in reference to the firm’s future.

Topics: Food Industry

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Eramet increases its capital to break into the lithium sector in Chile

InvestChile - February,1,2024

The European group decided to increase the capital of its local subsidiary, Eramet Chile. A month earlier, the company had agreed to acquire the Siete Salares project in Chile for the same amount.

Topics: Mining- Lithium

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