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Chile is the most attractive country for investment in renewables

InvestChile - November,16,2022

Once again, Chile has placed first in Bloomberg's Climatescope ranking, demonstrating its regional leadership in the field of energy. 

Topics: Ranking- Energy

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Yango Delivery aspires to be Top 3 in last mile delivery in Chile

InvestChile - November,8,2022

Yango Delivery has chosen Chile to start its operations in Latin America because of the ease of doing business in the country, as well as its entrepreneurial ecosystem. The company is looking at Colombia and Brazil to expand its presence in the region in the future.  

Topics: Global services- Technology- Last-mile

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Everything you need to know about Chile’s Fintech industry

InvestChile - November,7,2022
In 2021, the Chilean fintech sector was made up of over 150 companies, almost 50% of which are internationalizing their operations in Latin America. What attracts foreign companies to invest in financial technology in Chile?

Topics: Fintech- Banking

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Korean company Synertec brings renewables to San Pedro de Atacama

InvestChile - November,4,2022

Foreign investment in renewable energy is reaching every corner of Chile. In the north of the country, the Atacama Desert is the perfect setting to install photovoltaic panels, benefiting the entire community.  

Topics: Energy- Korean investment

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Digital identification: A key to inclusive growth in Chile

InvestChile - October,27,2022

ClaveÚnica (Unique Key) has more than 14 million active users since its implementation. It can currently be used to carry out more than 1,600 procedures in the public sector. Two-step authentication will be implemented in 2023, preventing malicious use and identity theft.  

Topics: Digital Economy- Chilean Economy

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Rare-earth project in Chile increases investment to US$130 million

InvestChile - October,26,2022

Linked to the Peruvian Hochschild group and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, it would be one of the few operations to extract rare-earth elements outside of China.   

Topics: Mining- Electromobility

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Nestlé will invest US$140 million to expand Chile plant

InvestChile - October,12,2022

The project will double current production capacity at the Purina brand facility in located in Teno, in Chile’s Maule Region.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Food Industry- Foreign companies

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Are you young and interested in ICT? Don't miss the ICT Competition!

InvestChile - October,11,2022

Technology corporation Huawei announced a new edition of its prestigious competition, which aims to attract young talent.

Topics: Global services- Technology- Chinese investment- Talent

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Sodexo and its plan to empower more than 2,000 local SMEs as suppliers

InvestChile - October,6,2022

This French company has implemented its "Supply Chain Inclusion Program" in Chile, which benefited more than 2,300 local SMEs during 2021.

Topics: Food Industry- Global services- French investment- Best practices

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Chile will host major event to promote green hydrogen development

InvestChile - October,3,2022

RENMAD H2 Chile will have more than 50 speakers, and will bring together players from across the market’s value chain.

Topics: Energy

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Advanced Manufacturing: The key to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

InvestChile - September,19,2022

The University of Chile, together with ASIMET and Corfo, are developing technological solutions to move Chilean industry from traditional to advanced manufacturing by taking advantage of the fourth revolution.

Topics: Chilean Economy- Talent

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The seven keys to understanding the new «Let’s Invest in Chile» plan

InvestChile - September,14,2022

The strategy includes 28 measures to boost growth. We explain which of them are important for foreign investors to understand.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Chilean Economy

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Chile promotes digital talent with 1,000 specialization scholarships

InvestChile - September,8,2022

Talento Digital para Chile, InvestChile and CORFO will work alongside leading companies in the export of information technology services to expand access to quality jobs and position Chile as an exporter of technological services.  

Topics: Technology- Digital Economy- Education- Talent

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WTA 2022: Chile is South America’s best adventure tourism destination

InvestChile - September,2,2022

The 29th World Travel Awards (WTA) for South America 2022 named Chile the Most Romantic Destination and the Leading Adventure Tourism Destination. These honors also demonstrate the business and investment opportunities that exist in Chile. 

Topics: Tourism- Ranking- world travel awards

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Google provides 500 technology training scholarships in Chile

InvestChile - August,26,2022

The initiative aims to expand job opportunities in high-demand fields such as project management, IT support, data analysis and user experience design. 

Topics: Global services- Technology- Education- Talent

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Enel begins operations at Chile's first hybrid renewable power plant

InvestChile - August,22,2022

It is known as the Azabache solar power project (60.9 MW) which, thanks to its location on the same site, operates in conjunction with the Valle de los Vientos wind power park (90 MW) to generate renewable energy from solar radiation and the wind.

Topics: Renewables- Energy

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Unicorns from Austria, Egypt and Mexico arrive in Chile

InvestChile - August,19,2022

Ecosystem stakeholders comment on the potential that high-value startups see in the country, and the protagonists describe the advantages of investing in Chile within their specific area.  

Topics: Global services- Startup- Unicorn

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Ranking: Four Chilean universities among the best in the world

InvestChile - August,17,2022

Universidad de Chile and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile stood out in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, among other Chilean institutions.

Topics: Ranking- Education- Talent

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Chile: 10 facts about the first IKEA store in South America

InvestChile - August,8,2022

The Santiago de Chile store is IKEA’s first in Latin America. It is a 15,000-meter space that includes more than 8,000 meters of sales area. The store will also employ some 700 people in Chile.  

Topics: Retail

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Amazon begins environmental permit process for a data center in Chile

InvestChile - July,29,2022

The project from Amazon Web Services is valued at US$205 million. The 43-acre site will include two buildings to house electronic and technological equipment, host servers and store data, as well as an electricity substation. 

Topics: Global services- Data Center- US investment

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