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ChileWeek China 2023: 8 years promoting trade and investment

InvestChile - September,11,2023

This event, organized by ProChile, aims to show decision makers from this important Asian market the opportunities Chile has to offer as a supplier of goods and services, and as an investment destination. 

Topics: Inversion china en Chile

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InvestChile has requested streamlining for 2,000+ visas for investors

InvestChile - September,6,2023

This coordinated effort between various State institutions is enabling Chile to facilitate the arrival of foreign investors and specialized personnel. 

Topics: Investor visa

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Chile is the country with the highest sustainable investment potential

InvestChile - September,4,2023

The Climatescope ranking places Chile ahead of countries like India, western China and Colombia.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Sustainability

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Central American airline Arajet to begin operations in Chile

InvestChile - September,4,2023

The company has already sold more than 2,000 airline tickets in Chile. Víctor Pacheco, the company's CEO, said that Central American tourists have also shown interest in visiting Chile.

Topics: Tourism

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Volta Chile opens REP Law environmental plant in Quilicura

InvestChile - September,1,2023

The plant will enable the country to meet over 30% of REP Law initial packaging targets. The total investment will be CLP$5 billion.

Topics: Recycling- Sustainability

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Exchange program to China: Lithium industry immersion for Chileans

InvestChile - August,29,2023

The initiative developed by Fundación Encuentros del Futuro and Tianqi Lithium’s «We Share» fund will provide training to postgraduate students at Chinese companies and universities for one month, contributing to the development of Chile’s lithium industry. 

Topics: Lithium- Chinese investment- Talent

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Ambipar invests US$30 million in recycling plants in Chile

InvestChile - August,25,2023

Brazilian company Ambipar Environment has announced new investments in the Tarapacá and Los Lagos regions. 

Topics: Recycling

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What are the most in demand IT professionals in Chile?

InvestChile - August,23,2023

A study by public-private organization Talento Digital para Chile and Chile’s National Training and Employment Service (SENCE) has revealed a range of labor market trends and the skills that are most in demand to boost Chile’s digital economy. 

Topics: Global services- Technology- Talent

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Chile is leading the way in Artificial Intelligence

InvestChile - August,15,2023

The South American country stands out for its digital and data processing infrastructure, as well as the availability of technological devices, according to the Latin American Artificial Intelligence Index (ILIA). 

Topics: Global services- Ranking- Artificial Intelligence

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Equinix will invest US$46 million to expand data center in Chile

InvestChile - August,14,2023

President and CEO of Equinix, Charles Meyers, has said that he expects “a significant scaling of the business in the coming years,” following the integration of operations acquired during 2022.

Topics: Technology- Data Center

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Walmart and ENGIE open first industrial green hydrogen plant

InvestChile - August,10,2023

The initiative, which aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the retail company’s logistics processes in Chile, is the first of its kind in Latin America. 

Topics: Retail- Green Hydrogen- Renewable energy

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Four key facts about the new mining royalty in Chile

InvestChile - August,4,2023

President Gabriel Boric enacted a law that provides millions of dollars in funding for development outside Santiago.

Topics: Mining- Royalty

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Argentine Fintech Pomelo prepares to land in Chile

InvestChile - July,31,2023

The company, like the fruit that gave it its name, seeks to squeeze out opportunities offered by technology applied to finance in the continent.

Topics: Fintech- Argentine investment

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Renewable energy: Chile is the most attractive place to invest in LatAm

InvestChile - July,28,2023

Natural resources, government involvement and the use of global partnerships are some of the reasons behind its improved evaluation on the EY index.

Topics: Renewable energy

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EDP Renewables to develop hybrid project in Chile

InvestChile - July,21,2023

With an installed capacity of more than 323 MW, the company plans to build one of the first hybrid projects in the country that will include three technologies: solar, wind and storage. 

Topics: Energy- Renewables- News

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Companies from 5 countries are interested in Chilean green hydrogen

InvestChile - July,18,2023

Corfo's Green Hydrogen Committee has received nine declarations of interest for the installation of electrolyser factories in our country.

Topics: Energy- Green Hydrogen

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Progress made in BYD project for Chilean lithium processing plant

InvestChile - July,12,2023

The Chinese giant will send engineers to our country to choose the location for a development that would cost $290 million.

Topics: Mining- Lithium

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Ecuadorian paytech Kushki consolidates its business Chile

InvestChile - July,4,2023

The company received approval from the Chilean regulator to enter the acquiring business, and is now present in five Latin American markets.

Topics: Fintech

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2023 Ranking: Chile leads Latin America in global competitiveness

InvestChile - July,3,2023

The country moved up from 45th to 44th place among 64 economies in the World Competitiveness Report prepared by the IMD of Switzerland. The report highlights more efficient management of tax matters, as well as important advances in technological infrastructure. 

Topics: Ranking

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American cold storage multinational acquires Chilean company

InvestChile - June,29,2023

Emergent Cold Latin America acquired Hook Chile, the company’s third acquisition in Chile, where it has already invested around US$150 million.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Industry

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