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Index places Chile among regional leaders in digital maturity

InvestChile - June,23,2022

Chile stands out as one of the most advanced countries in Latin America, and is above the global average in the index produced by EY based on surveys in 15 of the region’s economies.  

Topics: Digital Economy

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Enel Green Power begins construction of five solar parks in Chile

InvestChile - June,21,2022

Enel Green Power, alongside the company IM2 Energía Solar, is constructing eleven solar parks. Once they are all operational, they will be able to power more than 72,000 homes a year, to the benefit of around 312,000 people and saving more than 1,760 tons of CO2 emissions. 

Topics: photovoltaic solar energy

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2022 Ranking: Chile leads Latin America in global competitiveness

InvestChile - June,16,2022

Chile has fallen to 45th place out of 63 economies surveyed around the world in the 2022 edition of the analysis carried out by the World Competitiveness Center, in alliance with the Faculty of Economics and Business at the Universidad de Chile.  

Topics: Rankings

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Chile is one of the world’s most sustainable wine-producing countries

InvestChile - June,9,2022

In the course of just one decade, Chile has managed to obtain sustainability certification for more than 80% of its wine exports thanks to its Sustainability Code for wine. Chile’s wineries are implementing measures and making substantial changes to their production methods in order to produce the wine of the future.

Topics: Wine

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DominguezLab: Laboratory moves to its new location in Chile

InvestChile - June,7,2022

The company has decided to move from its site in the Argentinean province of Entre Ríos to Santiago. They highlighted InvestChile’s support in the process.

Topics: Pharmaceutical industry

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Singaporean tech start-ups expand in Chile and Latin America

InvestChile - June,2,2022

Chile’s image as the most technologically advanced country in the region is being quietly watched by companies from different parts of the globe and we are already seeing interest among Asian tech giants in expanding their operations and bringing their innovations here.  

Topics: startup

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Sinovac initiated construction of its new plant in Chile

InvestChile - May,20,2022

“Sinovac’s arrival in Chile is a great example of what happens when foreign companies, the public sector, and academia align their interests in pursuit of a common goal”, said Karla Flores, InvestChile Director.

Topics: Pharmaceutical industry

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The Yield Lab Latam and INIA bring Chilean AgTech to the world

InvestChile - May,18,2022

The investment fund, supported by InvestChile in Chile, specializes in Agrifoodtech and accelerates startups in this sector in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. 

Topics: AgTech

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Paramount’s plan to modernize Chilevisión

InvestChile - May,18,2022

The US conglomerate wants to extend the TV channel’s positive financial streak and transform it into a product for Paramount+, the digital platform competing with Netflix.

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Amazon satellite internet to be available in Chile from 2023

InvestChile - May,12,2022

Jeff Bezos’ company will be able to install, operate and exploit tracking, telemetry and command stations in Chile. They will connect to the Kuiper Systems satellite constellation, the Amazon division that is directing the project globally. 

Topics: Digital Economy

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Xepelin raises US$111 million in an historic Series B round

InvestChile - May,10,2022

The Chilean Fintech announced that the financing round was led by Avenir and Kaszek, along with the participation of others, such as PayPal Ventures, Wellington, Picus, Cathay-Seaya Latam and Gilgamesh. 

Topics: Fintech

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Globant announces US$40 million investment in Chile

InvestChile - May,6,2022

The Argentine technology company, which recently inaugurated its new building in Santiago, will invest US$40 million over the next three years, and plans to hire more than 500 employees in 2023.

Topics: global services

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Mercado Libre to hire 1,000 people in Chile in 2022

InvestChile - May,5,2022

The Argentine e-commerce and financial services firm expects to hire 14,000 people throughout Latin America, this will result in 46% growth in its total number of employees in 2022, reaching 44,000 this year. 

Topics: global services export

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Pacific Hydro: 20 years in Chile

InvestChile - May,3,2022

The Chinese-owned company, with 100% renewable assets, expects to invest a total of US$590 million over the coming years and intends to triple its installed capacity to 1,400 MW by 2026.  

Topics: renewable energy

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Liberty Latin America projects US$450 million in M&A synergies

InvestChile - May,2,2022

The company forecasts some US$180 million in annual synergies through combining its VTR landline operations with the Claro mobile operations in Chile.

Topics: global services

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Picus Capital has Latin America in its sights

InvestChile - April,28,2022

The German venture capital firm aims to become one of the most influential funds in Chile and Latin America.

Topics: Venture Capital

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Scotiabank will be the first bank to implement a sub-40-hour workweek

InvestChile - April,22,2022

The Canadian multinational will reduce its workweek from 42 to 39 hours, benefiting more than 6,000 employees in Chile.  

Topics: Banks

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Chile’s pharmaceutical industry: A new hub for business opportunities

InvestChile - April,20,2022

The agency has published an e-book with a step-by-step operating guide that details the benefits for international companies of setting up in the Southern Cone country.

Topics: Pharmaceutical industry

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BENEO invests more than US$50 million in Chile

InvestChile - April,13,2022

The German company has reported 20% higher global volume due to capacity increase of production facility in Chile by 2022.

Topics: German investment in Chile

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Ceres Imaging: technology that serves farmers

InvestChile - April,12,2022

The California-based company has launched operations in Chile with plans to expand to the rest of the region, beginning with Peru.

Topics: AgTech

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