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Sustainable mining? Chile wants to make it happen

InvestChile - March,7,2022

The country’s new 2050 National Mining Policy contains a series of proposals to harmonize mining operations with environmental concerns.

Topics: Mining

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Chile launches US$500 million highway concession

InvestChile - March,4,2022

The Orbital Sur project includes a new 24km-long highway, which will cross the municipal districts of Peñaflor, Calera de Tango and San Bernardo, forming a second metropolitan ring road.

Topics: Infraestructure

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Canadian company Lundin Mining plans US$370 million investment in Chile

InvestChile - February,28,2022

Asked about their expansion plans, the company that operates the Candelaria mining complex stated that they are awaiting the outcome of royalty payment discussions. 

Topics: Mining investment

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Amazon Web Services announces new data center in Santiago

InvestChile - February,18,2022

The company has chosen Santiago as the site for one of its 30 new Local Zones worldwide, which will be up and running between this year and next. The facility will encompass computing, warehousing and database services.

Topics: Digital Infrastructure

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DiDi reveals aggressive expansion in Chile’s last-mile delivery market

InvestChile - February,4,2022

Backed by prestigious investors like Apple, Alibaba and Softbank, the Chinese company aims to compete in food delivery with UberEats, Pedidos Ya and Rappi. Its launch in the Greater Valparaíso area marks the beginning of those efforts. 

Topics: Last-mile

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Betterfly: Chile’s newest unicorn

InvestChile - February,3,2022

The insurance-tech startup Betterfly looks to launch in seven new markets in 2022 using the proceeds of its US$125 million Series C round.

Topics: startup

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FinTechs that began in this region are expanding throughout LatAm

InvestChile - February,1,2022

Tribal Credit, Jeeves, Clara and Xepelin are companies expanding into various parts of the continent. Most share the vision that the public is under-served and see this as an opportunity, especially in financing for the small- and medium-sized business segment. 

Topics: Fintech

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Where will Sinovac install its vaccine megaplant in Chile?

InvestChile - January,27,2022

The Chinese company will invest US$100 million in its fill and finish plant for vaccines, and hopes to open a research and development center in the northern part of the country. It is also hiring staff to round out its local team.  

Topics: Sinovac

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Ferrero’s plans for continued growth in Chile

InvestChile - January,26,2022

The Italian company’s goal is to double the surface area currently planted with European hazelnuts in the country, making Chile the leading supplier of its plants in both North and South America. 

Topics: Food Industry

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South African mining company Gold Fields seeks to expand in Chile

InvestChile - January,25,2022

The Salares Norte project is 56% complete and represents the starting point for the mining company in Chile, where it is investing US$30 million a year in new project exploration. 

Topics: Mining

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Healthy food made in Chile

InvestChile - January,21,2022

The Live Green Co, NotCo, Protera, and Done Properly are Chilean companies with foreign capital that are giving new meaning to plant-based and fermented foods.

Topics: Food Industry

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The five challenges of green hydrogen development in Chile

InvestChile - January,18,2022

Chile's future involves achieving energy independence and even exporting its surplus. Hydrogen production is a promising path. Foreign investment in clean energy such as solar or wind will be key to the industry’s development. 

Topics: Green Hydrogen

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Space AG, the Peruvian agricultural startup coming to Chile in 2022

InvestChile - January,14,2022

The Agritech company monitors more than 100,000 hectares belonging to 90 farms and is present in six countries.

Topics: Food Industry

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What will the first Chilean green hydrogen-powered train be like?

InvestChile - January,13,2022

The project is in the engineering stage and testing will get underway in 18 months. The operational fleet of hydrogen-powered trains is expected to scale over the following 10 years. Chile is among the best-positioned countries for green hydrogen investment and development. 

Topics: Green Hydrogen

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AI video editing startup closes investment round in the US

InvestChile - January,7,2022

Runway developed software to automate video editing and generate new content based on algorithms by writing a simple sentence. It has just raised US$35 million with Coatue - which has worked with Tesla, Spotify and Snap -  as the main investor. 

Topics: Digital Economy

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How to Invest in Chile: Consumer Protection

InvestChile - January,4,2022

Chilean law has a framework to regulate the relations between consumers and merchants.  

Topics: How to invest in Chile

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How to invest in Chile: Personal data protection

InvestChile - January,3,2022

Chile has a regulation to protect people against unauthorized access to their privacy, including use of their personal data by private individuals.   

Topics: How to invest in Chile

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How to Invest in Chile: Intellectual Property

InvestChile - December,31,2021

Foreign companies that set up in Chile and need to register a trademark or patent must submit a request to the competent bodies.  

Topics: Cómo invertir en Chile

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The 10 Chilean startups set to boom in 2022

InvestChile - December,30,2021

Magnets that reduce recovery times in operated patients; functional ingredients capable of extending food life and artificial intelligence applied to biotechnology R&D processes are just some of the projects that have attracted local and foreign investment to Chile's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Topics: startup

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How to Invest in Chile: What Protection does Chile offer Investors?

InvestChile - December,29,2021

Foreign investors can participate in every Chilean business sector and their capital can account for up to 100% of a company's capital. 

Topics: How to invest in Chile

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