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Decathlon will have 12 stores in Chile in 2024

InvestChile - December,22,2023

The company opened three shops in the country this year and will expand to Talca and Puerto Montt next year. The firm’s local CEO says that they hope to become «the leading athletic wear brand» in Chile.

Topics: Retail- French investment

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French group Accor plans to add new hotels in Chile

InvestChile - December,20,2023

The company, which has been operating in the country for more than 20 years, announced its plans to add at least seven hotel assets to its portfolio in Chile, which would amount to more than 900 additional rooms.

Topics: Infrastructure- Tourism- French investment

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Tesla prepares to arrive in Chile

InvestChile - December,18,2023

This is the first financial move by the parent company, which has already led Tesla’s incursion into several markets. 

Topics: Lithium- Electromobility

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Oracle will open its second data center in Chile

InvestChile - December,15,2023

This will be in Valparaíso and required an investment of over US$ 100 million.

Topics: Data Center- Oracle

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Chile makes progress on energy storage with 20+ approved projects

InvestChile - December,12,2023

With 23 energy storage projects already approved, totaling an impressive 3,000 MW of capacity, Chile is at the forefront of innovation and efficiency in Latin America.

Topics: Energy- Renewable energy

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The importance of bioceanic corridors for Chile

InvestChile - December,1,2023

More than simply routes, bioceanic corridors are an engine for regional development and the key to Latin American integration. Through its strategic location and openness to global trade, Chile is driving ambitious connectivity projects.

Topics: Infrastructure

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Chile inaugurates largest floating solar plant in Southern Cone

InvestChile - November,17,2023

With a capacity of 1,090 kWp and comprised of 1,998 solar panels installed on 2,493 floats on a dam by Solarity, this initiative will supply approximately 40% of the electricity required by Verfrut's Quilamuta estate.

Topics: Energy- Renewables

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German language platform Babbel reaches Chile

InvestChile - November,16,2023

The South American country is the fifth regional market where Babbel will be setting up and launching live classes. 

Topics: Global services- German investment- Talent

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Chile ratifies double taxation avoidance treaty with the USA

InvestChile - November,16,2023

The Chilean Senate unanimously endorsed a treaty that streamlines trade between both countries after 13 years of discussion.

Topics: Chilean Economy- US investment

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E-commerce: 49% of Chileans are intensive internet shoppers

InvestChile - November,3,2023

A survey by Mercado Libre and GfK revealed that those between 25 and 34 years old and over 65 are most likely to report being heavy e-commerce users.

Topics: Global services- Digital Economy- e-commerce

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Innergex has inaugurated the first energy storage plant in Chile

InvestChile - October,30,2023

This Canadian company has invested US$ 72 million in a 50 MW battery bank in Atacama and plans to reach 1,000 MW of installed capacity over the short term. 

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Quebrada Blanca: Teck unveils its largest mining project in Chile

InvestChile - October,27,2023

The operation includes a mine area featuring a concentrator plant with a 140,000-ton daily production capacity, extensive utility infrastructure, coastal port facilities and a water desalination plant.

Topics: Mining- Canadian investment

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Chile leads regional initiative on ethical Artificial Intelligence

InvestChile - October,25,2023

The South American country is leading the Santiago Declaration to Promote Ethical Artificial Intelligence in Latin America and the Caribbean, which brings together 20 nations to find a common voice for AI regulation and governance in the region.

Topics: Global services- Digital Economy- Artificial Intelligence

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Chile aims to become the world’s second-largest cobalt producer

InvestChile - October,16,2023

The ANID scientific and environmental project awarded to Universidad Andrés Bello and Universidad de Chile aims to produce 15,000 tons of ‘blue gold’ annually.

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Ferrero focuses on Chilean hazelnuts with a US$330 million investment

InvestChile - October,11,2023

Nutella and Ferrero Rocher’s parent highlights its long-term commitment to Chile, which is experiencing a boom in hazelnut planting.

Topics: Food Industry- Italian investment

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Gulf arrives in Chile aiming for national coverage

InvestChile - October,9,2023

Gulf provided details on its market entry in strategic alliance with Combustibles Cabal, the local company in charge of operations in Chile. The brand began operating its first two service stations in Rancagua and Viña del Mar.

Topics: Energy

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Bagó and «Measure What Matters»: Enhancing continuous improvement

InvestChile - October,3,2023

The Argentine laboratory was one of the foreign companies that participated in the study carried out by Sistema B with the support of InvestChile.

Topics: Sustainability- Inclusion

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ChileWeek China 2023: 8 years promoting trade and investment

InvestChile - September,11,2023

This event, organized by ProChile, aims to show decision makers from this important Asian market the opportunities Chile has to offer as a supplier of goods and services, and as an investment destination. 

Topics: Inversion china en Chile

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InvestChile has requested streamlining for 2,000+ visas for investors

InvestChile - September,6,2023

This coordinated effort between various State institutions is enabling Chile to facilitate the arrival of foreign investors and specialized personnel. 

Topics: Investor visa

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Chile is the country with the highest sustainable investment potential

InvestChile - September,4,2023

The Climatescope ranking places Chile ahead of countries like India, western China and Colombia.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Sustainability

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