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Chile is the first country in the Americas to ban plastic bags

InvestChile - June,11,2018

The new law would give large retailers one year to phase out the use of plastic bags, and smaller businesses two years.

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Counter-season production, technology and market access: Three advantages for agribusiness investment

Camila Comas - June,8,2018

Foreign investors can take advantage of the strengths that highlight the Chilean market as a producer and exporter in the agro-industry sector.

Topics: Foreign Investment in Chile- Food Industry- opinions

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Germany’s Renolit chooses Valparaíso as its base of operations in Latin America

InvestChile - June,7,2018
The company plans to produce plastic products for the health sector and to export to other countries in the region.

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Chile: Ten new undertakings for the energy of the future

InvestChile - May,31,2018

Building on the country’s track record and solid energy policies, the government has now announced a new line of work with ten undertakings for the next four years, including shorter times for obtaining an environmental permit, technical training and the modernization of institutions.

Topics: Clean Energy- Articles

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Tourism: Chile’s attractions as a business destination

InvestChile - May,29,2018

Its hotels and restaurants, safety and different leisure alternatives have positioned Chile as a must for business tourism in Latin America. 

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Rankings: Chile leads Latin America on competitiveness and digital readiness

InvestChile - May,24,2018

Chile once again took first place in the IMD’s World Competitiveness Rankings and second place in the Digital Readiness Index published by Cisco and Gartner.

Topics: Articles- Rankings

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Foreign investment in Chile in the first quarter exceeds whole of 2017

InvestChile - May,23,2018
An inflow of US$6,875 million was registered in the country in the January-March  period, the second highest figure in the last 15 years.

Topics: Foreign Investment in Chile- Articles

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Investment: Chile declares war on bureaucracy

InvestChile - May,16,2018

To streamline processes and reduce barriers to investment: that is the key aim of the Pro-Investment project announced by the Chilean government in a bid to give an important boost to the entry of overseas capital into the South American country.  

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Automation: new opportunities for mining innovation in Chile

InvestChile - May,16,2018

Reduction of time and costs in the long term as well as greater safety and operational efficiency: these are some of the benefits of automation for mining, a trend seen in the industry internationally and that has grown progressively in Chile over the past decade.

Topics: Articles- Mining

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Filming locations: Chile is ready to become a Hollywood star

InvestChile - May,14,2018

In 2017, 50 international projects were filmed in Chile, representing some US$35 million in revenues. 

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Innovation: Designers who reinvent textiles

InvestChile - May,11,2018

Chile is a pole of innovation in different fields, including fashion. Fabrics of biological origin, the use of unconventional materials, smart clothes and technology applied to day-to-day clothing are just some of the inventions with which the Chilean designers are surprising the fashion world.

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The world wants blueberries all the time. Chile’s excited

InvestChile - May,10,2018

Blueberries have become something that consumers want 24/7, year-round. Worldwide, some 1.7 million tons of blueberries were produced last year, two and a half times the number in 2000. That should reach 2 million tons in two years.

Topics: Food Industry- Exports

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Human capital and technology: Chile’s contributions to world astronomy

InvestChile - May,9,2018

Close to 40% of the world’s astronomical infrastructure is in Chile, a figure that is expected to reach 77% by 2020.

Topics: Infraestructura- exportación de servicios

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Food industry: Multinationals choose Chile as a regional platform

InvestChile - May,9,2018

An attractive export-geared market is part of what Chile offers overseas companies in sectors as different as pet food and packaging solutions.

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Foreign Investment: The keys for mining suppliers in Chile

InvestChile - May,3,2018

A panel de experts set out their vision of an industry worth US$15,000 million a year in a country that is the world’s leading copper producer. 

Topics: Articles- Mining

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Exporting global services from the end of the world

InvestChile - April,25,2018

With its global services sector expanding at an annual rate of around 11%, two percentage points ahead of the international average, Chile expects exports of these services to reach US$5,000 million by 2020.

Topics: global services

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Renewable energy: the sun continues to shine for Chile

InvestChile - April,23,2018

In recent years, Chile’s energy matrix has evolved notably, increasing its diversification and reducing its dependence on fossil fuels to make way for the so-called green energies, particularly photovoltaic and wind energy.

Topics: Articles- NCRE- Solar energy- photovoltaic solar energy

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Acciona chooses Chile as its business platform for regional expansion

InvestChile - April,12,2018

According to the company’s senior executive in Chile, there are high expectations of the government as regards new development of public works.

Topics: Foreign Investment in Chile- success stories- Doing Business in Chile- Infrastructure

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Household self-consumption: Chile’s new Non-Conventional Renewable Energy goal

InvestChile - April,6,2018

Although Chile is the international poster child of investment in photovoltaic solar energy, solar panels are still not widely used in buildings, houses and public places. The government and the private sector are bent on changing this.

Topics: NCRE- Solar energy- photovoltaic solar energy

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Chinese companies continue to show interest in Chilean agribusiness

InvestChile - April,2,2018

The food industry has positioned itself as one of the sectors of the Chilean economy that most interests Chinese investors.

Topics: international trade- China- Doing Business in Chile- Food Industry

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