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These are Chile’s most innovative companies in 2018

InvestChile - November,28,2018

The companies were evaluated for their capacity to innovate and act in pursuit of their business objectives, transforming innovation into a practice that forms part of their DNA. The list includes companies of different sizes, some of them from overseas.

Topics: Innovation- Start-Up- R&D

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Chile on the road to an intelligent industry

InvestChile - August,21,2018

The Internet of Things, analytics, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are just some of the technological advances that are shaping what experts already visualize as an industrial revolution.

Topics: R&D- Foreign Investment in Chile

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Promotion of R&D: Chile looks to the future and leads innovation in Latin America

Camila Comas - July,13,2018

For ten years, Chile has had legislation that promotes research and development by companies, thereby facilitating their growth and the implementation of new projects. In the 2018 Global Innovation Index, Chile ranks in top place in Latin America.

Topics: Articles- R&D

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