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Chile to gather data from the heavens to solve problems on Earth

InvestChile - March,27,2019

The aim is to add value to astronomy’s main asset by bringing together its stock of data, which is currently dispersed around the world, and the algorithms used to obtain it. 

Topics: Astronomy- Astrodata

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Astronomy: China to install megaproject in Chile

InvestChile - March,18,2019

The two centers to be developed could require an investment of more than US$320 million and are being watched with attention by InvestChile. This would, moreover, be China’s first investment in Chile in the field of science and astronomical exploration.

Topics: Astrodata

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Large LSST telescope starts to take shape in the north of Chile

InvestChile - October,1,2018

Its construction is the most advanced among the South American country’s three new mega observatories and it is expected to start operating in 2020.

Topics: Global services- Astronomy- Astrodata

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The project that seeks to position Chile as the leader in astrodata

InvestChile - August,29,2018

According to the government, observation of the universe from telescopes in Chile will, by 2022, generate as much data or more than Facebook and Twitter or Internet giants Google and YouTube, pushing out the boundaries of big data.

Topics: Astronomy- Astrodata

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