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Chile to host the world’s most important clean energy summit

InvestChile - May,25,2021

The event, which includes the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM 12) and the Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-6) forums, will run from May 31 through June 6.

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The largest global summit on clean energy and innovation of 2021, the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM 12) and Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-6), begins next week. Chile is organizing the event and will be the first South American country ever to lead these ministerial meetings. They will take place virtually using a digital platform designed especially for the occasion.

The objectives of the CEM12/MI-6 forums are to stimulate collaboration between countries, foster the incorporation of technology and innovation, as well as the development of concrete actions and agreements aimed at accelerating clean energy transformation, an aspect that is fundamental to meeting climate change commitments.

The summit will focus on social, economic and climate-related challenges, such as decarbonization, electromobility, green hydrogen and the innovations required to achieve carbon neutrality.

The summit will take place May 31 through June 6 and will be attended by ministers from 27 countries, global leaders and renowned experts on energy transformation and innovation. The ministerial plenary session, which will be open to the public, is one of the high points of what promises to be a week full of activities related to clean energy and innovation.

“As the hosts of the most important event on clean energy and innovation, we believe that this will be a very valuable opportunity to keep making progress towards an ambitious energy transition, where different countries can share best practices and coordinate concrete actions that will allow us to move forward more quickly and with greater efficiency, in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050,” said Chile’s Energy and Mining Minister, Juan Carlos Jobet.

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