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ENAMI calls for innovative companies in lithium extraction

InvestChile - March,18,2024

The National Mining Company of Chile has initiated a Request for Information (RFI) aimed at companies and consortia working on new technological processes for lithium extraction.


The National Mining Company (ENAMI in Spanish) is currently doing a Request for Information (RFI). It is aimed at national and international companies and consortiums involved in new technological processes for lithium extraction.

Interested parties can find information on ENAMI's website and make inquiries via email at The RFI can be responded to using the following form.

Lithium is a key mineral in the fight against the climate crisis, as it is used in energy storage batteries, and electric cars and buses. This stage is part of ENAMI's work within the framework of the National Lithium Strategy, specifically for its “Salares Altoandinos” project located in the Diego de Almagro commune in the Atacama Region.

«For ENAMI, it is crucial to understand technological processes that contribute to creating projects with the least possible environmental impact. We seek to collaborate in building a sustainable future, where the production of critical minerals plays a key role in the energy transition and provides an opportunity for local development,» commented the Executive Vice President of the state-owned company, Iván Mlynarz.

Request for Information

The RFI stage aims to map institutions offering innovative lithium extraction technologies. Based on the results obtained, the state-owned company will assess future initiatives.

In this context, Mlynarz explains, «With this process, ENAMI wants to open the doors globally to innovation in this field, letting them know that in the future, we will seek synergies with those leading technological developments that are redefining the landscape of lithium extraction.»

The RFI schedule includes a period of inquiries and clarifications until April 5, with responses within ten business days from receipt.

The deadline for document submissions is April 20, while the publication of results is scheduled for April 30.

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