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Roche and Catholic University open debate about healthcare in Chile

InvestChile - July,21,2020

The Switzerland-based multinational and the University are organizing a cycle of five meetings in which actors from the public and private sectors will participate.


In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting the world, the Swiss company Roche and the Catholic University of Chile have joined forces to rethink Chile’s health system through a series of talks on “How to build a sustainable patient-centered health system”. The talks are sponsored by the World Bank, the Swiss Embassy in Chile, Chile’s National Center for Health Information Systems (CENS) and InvestChile.

The cycle consists of five sessions on different topics, starting on Thursday, July 23 with a meeting on “Health systems in the world: what references to look at?” at which the speakers will include Luis Orlando Pérez, Senior Public Health Specialist in LAC at the World Bank’s Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice, and Jorge Jiménez de la Jara, a former Chilean health minister and professor at the Catholic University. The meeting will look at how different health models have performed during the pandemic and which can serve as examples for Chile.

The other meetings will be about Sustainability of health systems (July 29); Data and technology for healthcare decisions (August 20); Advancing in solutions I: Value-based healthcare (September 1); and Advancing in solutions II: The role of personalized medicine (September 11). The speakers will include former finance minister and economist Andrés Velasco; former health minister Emilio Santelices; the current undersecretary for science and technology Carolina Torrealba; and international health experts such as Yolima Cossio, Camilo Erazo, Cristina Ackerman and Edward Abrahams.

“Improving efficiency and achieving universal access to the best treatments that guarantee patients’ quality of life is a goal that involves all the actors who make up the health ecosystem in Chile. Our call is to work with all those who are part of the health system to find solutions that make sense and are sustainable in the long term,” said Antonio da Silva, general manager of Roche Chile.

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