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Chile in the OECD: The milestones of a decade of membership

InvestChile - June,1,2020

The organization has influenced the design of a dozen programs and social policies, involving 87 legislative reforms, 14 new public institutions and the commissioning of 87 studies.

Topics: Chilean Economy- OECD

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What are investment promotion agencies doing in the face of COVID-19?

InvestChile - May,14,2020

A report by the OECD describes the short and long-term measures that the institutions are taking to minimize the pandemic’s impact on foreign investment. It highlights the report on the health crisis prepared by InvestChile.

Topics: OECD- Coronavirus

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OECD Investment: «Digital economy will affect investment patterns»

InvestChile - December,21,2018

As part of the InvestChile Talks series, Ana Novik explained the role played today by investment promotion agencies. "Chile plays an important role in our network of investment agencies," she said.

Topics: Digital Economy- InvestChile Talks- OECD

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