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Ambipar invests US$30 million in recycling plants in Chile

InvestChile - August,25,2023

Brazilian company Ambipar Environment has announced new investments in the Tarapacá and Los Lagos regions. 

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Brazilian environmental management company Ambipar Environment is aiming to expand its capacity in Chile and has announced new investments in the Tarapacá and Los Lagos regions, involving two plants for the collection, classification, and recycling of solid waste.

These initiatives, which will be launched in 2024, are in addition to the construction of its comprehensive industrial waste management plant (Centro GIRI) in Quilicura, which is expected to be launched in December of this year.

These projects required an investment of US$30 million, the company revealed. “Our comprehensive industrial waste management plants have been designed to reduce the percentage of non-valorizable waste to a minimum, offering alternatives for solid waste management for various industries with a focus on mining in the center and north of Chile and salmon farming in the south, among others. The plants are also designed to be a tool for compliance with the gradual implementation of the extended producer responsibility law,” said Ambipar Environment Chile’s Corporate Development and New Business Manager, Andrés Jensen.

Regional expansion

Ambipar is aiming to drive regional growth in the next three years together with its subsidiary Ambipar Environment, with an investment of between US$50 million and US$80 million. Its expansion strategy will be focused on Chile, Peru, and Paraguay.

The Brazilian company’s plan is based on two major pillars. The first is related to the generation of new projects, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships in order to expand its operational capacity and, in consequence, consolidate its position in the region’s environmental management sector.

With regard to this point, Matías Lagos, CEO of Ambipar Environment for Latin America, told DFSUD that the idea is to “arrive with development models for industries such as mining, agriculture, construction, food, salmon farming, forestry, retail, and mass-market events in the three key markets, which are Peru, Chile, and Paraguay.”

The second pillar outlined by the company is related to expanding its horizons to other markets, with Colombia being considered to have high potential for development of the business.

Source: Diario Financiero.

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