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Chile and Argentina unite to promote tourism

InvestChile - December,23,2021

The two countries have established three binational tourism corridors to jointly boost tourism.


For the purposes of boosting tourism and investment in the sector, Chile and Argentina have joined forces to work on a plan to promote three international tourism corridors between the two countries. The plan identifies investment incentives and opportunities and the countries will work together on an advertising campaign, among other aspects.

The first binational corridors to be created are:

  • Northern Corridor. This includes Antofagasta and San Pedro de Atacama in the Antofagasta Region of Chile; and Purmamarca, San Salvador de Jujuy and Salta in the Salta Province of Argentina, passing through the Jama Border Crossing.

  • Central Corridor. This includes the central zone, the central valleys (primarily the Maipo Valley) and the city of Santiago in the Metropolitan Region plus the cities of San Felipe and Los Andes in the Valparaíso Region of Chile; and the city of Mendoza in the Mendoza Province of Argentina, passing through Los Libertadores Border Crossing. There are plans to strengthen wine and mountain tourism.

  • Southern Corridor (Patagonia). This includes the city of Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine National Park in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Region of Chile; and the city of El Calafate and Los Glaciares National Park in the Santa Cruz Province of Argentina. There are plans to strengthen adventure and nature tourism.

The plan was developed by specialists from the Argentine Tourism and Sports Ministry and the Tourism Undersecretariat of the Chilean Economy, Development and Tourism Ministry. Binational work between Chile and Argentina on these priority tourism corridors is part of the 2020-2025 Action Plan to attract tourism investment, developed by the Executive Committee to Attract Tourism Investment, headed by the Tourism Undersecretariat.

For more information about investment opportunities in the Chilean tourism industry, please see the following article.


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