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First map of marine energy shows the potential of Chile’s coasts

InvestChile - October,18,2019

With the tool, a single platform can be used to view “different types of information related to the implementation of a renewable marine energy project in Chile”.


The Marine Energy Research and Innovation Center (MERIC) has presented an information tool for use in selecting sites at which to take advantage of the sea’s energy. With the tool, which can be accessed here, a single platform can be used to view “different types of information related to the implementation of a renewable marine energy project in Chile”.

An important feature of the platform is that it has been built based on the experiences of different users. On the map, georeferenced data can be viewed individually in five categories: Marine and Coastal Environment, Environmental Restrictions, Logistics and Supply, Social, Energy Needs and Areas of Natural Risk.

Users can, in this way, select references to the marine and coastal environment (winds and water temperature, by case), environmental restrictions (for example, marine protected areas) and even the location of areas for tourism and the development of indigenous peoples, among other variables.

The tool also offers reports, research products and links to different online platforms “that could be of potential interest and from which some variables were extracted”.

According to MERIC, the team of researchers responsible for designing the map, who work at the Center itself, comprises Dernis Mediavilla, Nathalie Almonacid and Paulina Torres.

To learn more about renewable energy investment opportunities in Chile, see this article.

Source: Energías Renovables

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