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Chile: 5,000 scholarships awarded by Google to acquire digital skills

InvestChile - May,31,2024

The scholarships will be awarded in partnership with Talento Digital and will provide access to a new Artificial Intelligence course and Google Career Certificates.


New technologies have created thousands of jobs in high-growth fields requiring digital skills that not all applicants have.

With this in mind, Google have created the Grow with Google program, which, in its third Chilean version, will award 5,000 scholarships in the country this year for the courses available on the Coursera educational platform, delivered in partnership with the Talento Digital de Chile (Chilean Digital Talent) initiative.

The initiative’s objective is for people to acquire practical skills in high-demand technological areas and to enhance their employability levels, without the need for previous experience.

The initiative includes the Career Certificates program, with courses such as Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, Information Technology Support, Project Management, Data Analysis and User Experience (UX) Design.

Expanding knowledge in AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has significant potential to drive economic growth and generate new opportunities in emerging markets.

According to Google's report, AI Sprinters1, there are different ways that governments and organizations can use this technology to empower social development, and training is one of the key pillars.

That is exactly what this program's new course, to be incorporated this year, points to: "Fundamentals of Google AI", a course that provides tools for the use of generative AI to develop ideas and content, and streamline daily tasks.

«In an ever-evolving world, where the demand for digital skills continues to grow, the need for a skilled workforce has never been more crucial. The value of Career Certificates and AI Fundamentals is precisely to prepare people to access today's dynamic world of work, with a broad and complete vision that allows students to take a step further in their professional and personal development,» explains Edgardo Frías, Country Director of Google Chile & Peru.

The director of InvestChile, Karla Flores, stressed the importance of the public-private partnership for the development of the technology sector and pointed out that the training of digital talent translates into concrete opportunities for the country's inhabitants to aspire to better salaries and a better quality of life. Flores pledged the agency's ongoing support to connect the capabilities generated by Talento Digital para Chile with the needs of foreign companies, which require qualified personnel to operate in the country.

Monica Retamal, executive director of the Kodea Foundation, emphasizes that «the massive irruption of artificial intelligence available to the entire population now challenges the speed and rapidity with which people must adapt to this changing world. The constant updating of skills and abilities, so-called lifelong learning, is a permanent challenge that for the second consecutive year unites Talento Digital para Chile with Google. Together we want to generate more value and offer people multiple access points to the digital industry.»

For her part, the national director of SENCE (National Service of Training and Employment), Romanina Morales Baltra, says that «it has been a has been a source of pride and also a social and state responsibility for our service to be part of this initiative and that is why we must work hand in hand with the private sector, so that we all have the same vision of where we want to go in terms of the country's development.»

Course Details

The AI Fundamentals course is designed and taught by Google's Artificial Intelligence specialists, who work to make this technology useful for everyone. In less than 15 hours, students will learn basic AI skills and the most relevant tools for their implementation and development.

The course is now available on Coursera, a platform recognized worldwide for its leadership in online learning programs. Enrollees can take the course 100% online at their own pace.

«AI Fundamentals is part of our Grow with Google program and is intended for those who would like to acquire basic knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, and learn how to use AI tools for product and service innovation. Today AI is a key pillar for digital inclusivity and social and economic progress, which is why it is so important to be able to offer this type of course, in a short format, and that above all, does not require previous skills,» explains Lucas Ansaldo, Country Marketing Manager of Google Latin America.

Google Career Certificates, on the other hand, have an approximate duration of six months - if a student dedicates ten hours of study per week - and are designed to be compatible with people who already have a job, parallel studies or other obligations, given that access is online and asynchronous, through Coursera. At the end of the programs, all participants receive a Google certificate that endorses the knowledge acquired.

The 5,000 scholarships announced in Chile are part of the 120,000 that Google offers throughout Latin America. As of February 2023, there were more than 50,500 graduates in Latin America, according to internal Google data, and 75% of them report a positive impact on their professional careers (for example, new job, promotion or salary increase) in the first six months since graduation.

The program is celebrating three years in Chile and to date has awarded 4,000 scholarships in the country.

To apply for scholarships, go to the Talento Digital website.

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