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Promoting digital talent: Google awards 3,500 scholarships in Chile

InvestChile - June,8,2023

With the aim of promoting technological skills and generating job opportunities in the digital sector, Google’s initiative is an example of the type of investment that will allow the country to close gaps, strengthen a high-value sector and improve the skills of the Chilean people.  


Digital talent in Chile continues to go from strength to strength. Google has announced that it will be awarding 3,500 scholarships through its Career Certificates program, with the aim of promoting the development of technological skills in the country.  

The initiative will not only promote employability in technological areas, but also generate job opportunities related to the digital sector in Chile. In August of last year, Google announced that it would be awarding 500 scholarships, which are in addition to this new package.  

Google Career Certificates are online courses designed to address emerging areas of high-demand in the technology sector. Among the courses available are IT Support, Data Analysis, Project Management and User Experience Design.  

These courses provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to stand out in the competitive digital labor market, retrain and access better salaries. What is more, 50% of the Google scholarships are aimed at women.  

Investment in people  

"Since its implementation in Chile in 2022, this program has already certified 500 people. This year, the number of scholarships available has increased significantly, in order to generate more opportunities for growth,” highlighted Edgardo Frías, Google’s country director for Chile. This expansion demonstrates Google’s commitment to the development of digital talent in the country.  

The scholarships will be awarded through Digital Talent, a public-private initiative that integrates companies, training institutions and government organizations, such as InvestChile.  

Digital Talent aims to develop new skills in people, in line with the demands of the digital economy, thus generating opportunities and access to quality jobs.  

“These scholarships are aimed at the most vulnerable people living in our country, including those who are unemployed or inactive at work. It should be noted that in this call we have set ourselves the challenge of achieving 50% female participation, an objective that we are constantly working towards,” stated Jeannette Escudero, executive director of Digital Talent.  

The initiative aims to provide equal opportunities for women and young people, so that they can progress in their careers and improve their quality of life.  

Positive impact of foreign investment  

The awarding of these scholarships by Google is a clear example of the positive impact of foreign investment in Chile. The initiative not only contributes to the development of digital talent in the country, but also generates new job opportunities and improves people’s quality of life. Chile is rapidly establishing itself as a digital hub in Latin America, and foreign companies, such as the tech giant Google, are playing a fundamental role in this process.  

“Foreign investment is a development tool, and the Google initiative is an example of the type of investment that will allow us to close gaps, strengthen a high-value sector and improve the skills of our professionals. When a foreign company brings knowledge, technology and development that we did not have, it helps us get to where we want to go as a country faster. This is our goal as an agency,” stated InvestChile’s executive director, Karla Flores. She also highlighted that the scholarships are focused on the labor inclusion of women.  

How to access Google scholarships in Chile?  

Applications are open until June 14, 2023. The courses will be available on the popular online learning platform, Coursera. This allows students to access content from anywhere at any time, providing flexibility for those who wish to acquire new skills without restrictions on time or location.  

Additionally, no previous work experience or knowledge will be required to access the scholarships, making them accessible to anyone interested in developing their digital talent.  

To learn more about investment opportunities, digital talent and the technology industry in Chile, check out the following article 

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