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How Atrys became the teleradiology leader in Chile

InvestChile - June,16,2023

The Spanish company finalized the acquisition of telemedicine firm ChileRad with an investment of US$8.6 million, and also holds a controlling share in Chaxa Radiology.


Exactly three years after its arrival in Chile through the acquisition of ITMS—which was at that time the largest digital healthcare company in the Chilean market—Spanish precision medicine and diagnosis group Atrys Health has consolidated its expansion in the country with the acquisition of two other major firms in the teleradiology sector (which involves interpreting medical images remotely).

Atrys completed the acquisition of ChileRad, a specialized teleradiology service provider founded in 2008, with an investment of US$8.6 million. “Through this acquisition, we see a clear opportunity to strengthen our leadership position. The integration of ChileRad in our operations will generate synergies that enable us to boost business growth, engage in cross-selling, and incorporate new services,” said Atrys Chile’s general manager, Juan Mella, regarding the implications of the acquisition of ChileRad, which recorded sales of US$6 million in 2022.

In parallel, the Spanish group also finalized the acquisition of Chaxa Radiology in March. “Basically, first we incorporated ITMS, which was Chile’s leading telemedicine provider. Then we incorporated two other leading teleradiology players, ChileRad and Chaxa. Atrys Chile is currently the largest teleradiology company in the country,” he said.

Based on its experience in managing large volumes of telemedicine medical tests in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and Mexico, the executive also explained that “we have been working with different groups to offer services that Atrys didn’t provide in Chile, in areas such as anatomic pathology and specialties including gastroenterology and dermatology, as well as nuclear medicine with PET/CT devices and molecular diagnostics (precision medicine which determines the least invasive treatment for a patient through DNA sequencing).”

With these initiatives, the company has been laying the foundations for the installation “of all its cancer diagnosis lines between the second half of 2022 and the first half of this year,” with the flagship project of launching its cancer clinic.

Source: Diario Financiero.

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