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Gulf arrives in Chile aiming for national coverage

InvestChile - October,9,2023

Gulf provided details on its market entry in strategic alliance with Combustibles Cabal, the local company in charge of operations in Chile. The brand began operating its first two service stations in Rancagua and Viña del Mar.


Gulf, the North American giant operating on six continents, officially announced its arrival in Chile and its first fueling stations.

In strategic alliance with Combustibles Cabal, the local company in charge of operations in Chile, Gulf began its market entry with two service stations in Rancagua and Viña del Mar, consolidating its offering for drivers in Chile, reported Diario Financiero.

With service stations in Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico, the company says that Gulf’s launch of operations in Chile consolidates the North American company’s South American operations with «a proposal of high-level services and products for the local consumer in accordance with the rigorous standards and service expectations that the brand has established worldwide.»

The company also discussed its immediate goals. Gulf expects to achieve nationwide coverage over the next few years after an initial stage of opening stations between the Coquimbo and Los Lagos regions.

«In the medium term, we plan to have a significant presence in the country’s largest cities,» said Micael Kohn, General Manager at Combustibles Cabal.

General Manager for South America at Gulf Oil International Luciano Pittaro said, «Arriving in Chile is a huge milestone. It is an important country in the region and a mature market with a significant number of vehicles and excellent roads. Gulf is much more than fuel, lubricants and excellent service; we want to bring the Chilean consumer closer to our brand lifestyle and strong ties with motorsports and sports.»

Likewise, Combustibles Cabal’s General Manager emphasized that the partnership with Gulf and the installation and operation of «its iconic service stations in Chile is a huge step for our company. Our main objective is to provide a world-class consumer experience, offer customized, efficient solutions and remain attentive to trends and the country’s needs.»

Gulf indicated it selected Combustibles Cabal as its strategic partner in Chile based on its outstanding 15-year track record in the domestic fuels and lubricants market. «The company’s extensive experience, its close relationship with the service station sector and its previous operation of a network of stations were key considerations for the partnership,» the company added.

In a prelude to the official announcement, Gulf recently shared a photograph hinting at its entry into the market on social media. «With more than 120 years of history, the legendary Gulf brand is bringing its service stations, convenience stores and much more to Chile,» the material read.

Gulf Oil is part of the Indian Hinduja Group. Founded as a family business in 1914, the Hinduja Group is now a leading international group in various industries, including automotive, healthcare, banking, finance, fuel and energy. It employs more than 200,000 people worldwide.

This milestone follows the recent agreement with Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company, Aramco, to take over Petrobras Chile. Thus, a new player enters the market to compete with the services offered by Copec and Shell.

While fossil fuels remain central to the energy matrix, Chile promotes investments in new renewable energies, such as green hydrogen.

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