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Ranking US News: Chile is in the Top 20 of countries to invest in 2018

InvestChile - March,6,2018

The magazine interviewed 6,000+ entrepreneurs and senior executives to assess the condition of 80 countries, including other attributes relevant to executives and foreign investors.

Santiago Chile

US News & World Report magazine published a ranking of the most attractive countries to invest in 2018 following the four factors that foreing investors consider when investing, according to the World Bank: population, environment, relations and institutional framework.

The magazine interviewed more than 6,000 entrepreneurs and senior executives to assess the condition of 80 countries, including eight other attributes relevant to executives and foreign investors: entrepreneurship, economic stability, tax environment, innovation, skilled workforce, technology, dynamism and levels of corruption .

The ranking

The ranking is led by the Philippines, Indonesia and Poland, while Chile was ranked 20th.

This is the list of countries that lead the investment global trends:

  • 1.- Philippines
  • 2.- Indonesia
  • 3.- Poland
  • 4.- Malaysia
  • 5.- Singapore
  • 6.- Australia
  • 7.- Spain
  • 8.- Thailand
  • 9.- India
  • 10.- Oman
  • 11.- Czech Republic
  • 12.- Finland
  • 13.- Uruguay
  • 14.- Turkey
  • 15.- Ireland
  • 16.- Holland
  • 17.- United Kingdom
  • 18.- Brazil
  • 19.- France
  • 20.- Chile

The following article contains further information about investment opportunities in Chile, the Latin American Hub. 


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