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Mexican firm Aconcagua Foods wants to stimulate growth in Chile

InvestChile - June,25,2021

The multinational owned by parent company La Costeña is present in 40 countries and buys 60% of the peaches grown in Chile.

This represents a new stage in the operations of fruit and vegetable goods manufacturer Aconcagua Foods, a multinational corporation owned by La Costeña, and which is present in 40 countries. The firm, which buys 60% of the peaches harvested in Chile, is launching a range of products from Mexico on the local market.

The company say that they plan to boost the range of food products in Chile with a portfolio of 22 products in the categories of chilies, beans and hot sauces. This is how La Costeña - which holds over 50% market share in chili production in Mexico and 30% in canned vegetables - will become the number one brand of food products that are “100% made in Mexico”, including canned goods, salsas and dips.

“As part of the group, we will strengthen the brand in Chile, expanding the portfolio and distribution,” noted Cristián Catalano, Commercial Director at Aconcagua Foods. He added that “with 22 products across three categories, in a range of packaging, including more modern cans, we will continue to innovate in the area of canned foods and diversify our portfolio of products in Chile with new food options.”

Ana Belén Díez, Aconcagua Foods Marketing Director stated that the introduction of new La Costeña food products and the expansion of the brand in major supermarkets across the country, “shows just how much international recognition Mexican food enjoys, for its flavors and varied preparation styles.”

Mexican investment in Chile

In the canned food industry, Mexico currently ranks second in Latin America in terms of production, according to data from the consulting firm Innova Market Insights. With the arrival of Conservas La Costeña in Chile and the distribution of their products in supermarkets and stores nationwide, Aconcagua Foods hopes to inject greater dynamism into the industry.

The company has 530 hectares (1310 acres) of peach trees in Chile spread over seven estates in the Metropolitan and O’Higgins regions.

In addition to canned fruits and vegetables, other product lines include salsas, frozen foods and fruit pulp. The company has focused its efforts on mainstream consumption and innovation and on building long-term relationships with clients. To this end, the firm has invested more than US$12 million over the last year.

To learn more about business opportunities in the Chilean food industry, please see the following article.

Source: Diario Financiero

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