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Oracle announces opening of its first Cloud Region in Chile

InvestChile - December,29,2020
The US company indicated that it selected Chile as a pioneer in the adoption of public cloud services and due to the large increase on customer demand.


Oracle has announced the opening of its Chile Cloud Region, which will provide services especially to those clients that operate in highly regulated industries and face restrictions as regards access to servers outside the country. The opening is part of Oracle’s aggressive plan to have 38 Cloud regions by the end of 2021.

With the new Cloud Region, the company’s clients will be able to implement cloud services in multiple independent regions, offering them greater security in the event of potential accidents or disasters and enabling them to host and store all transactional data in the region.

According to Oracle, Chile was chosen as a strategic region because the country has been a pioneer in the adoption of public cloud services and Oracle has seen strong customer demand for cloud infrastructure in the region. In fact, IDC estimates that the trend in investment in cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in Chile will rise by an average 41% by 2024, higher than in other Latin American countries.

“We are very proud to witness this cloud infrastructure expansion and commitment to helping Chilean organizations embrace the transition to the cloud. This Cloud Region will not only improve our clients’ experience, but it will also have a positive impact on the country’s innovation ecosystem and will help boost its digital economy by providing endless possibilities,” said Luiz Meisler, executive vice-president, Oracle Latin America.

Undersecretary for Telecommunications Pamela Gidi stressed that Chile continues to invest and expand in world-class digital infrastructure that positions it as a digital hub in Latin America, combining an infrastructure boost from international organizations with government digital connectivity projects, such as the Transpacific Cable and the deployment of the National and Southern Optical Fiber network.

“These infrastructure and private multinational initiatives confirm that investment interest is high and, thanks to Chile’s powerful digital deployment plan, it will allow our country to reactivate its economy, strengthening other productive sectors, and deliver new digital services for citizens,” added Gidi.

The Chile Cloud Region will provide reduced latency to organizations, decreasing the time it takes for data to be transferred from the data center where the application data is hosted. In addition, the move to an Oracle Cloud Region helps security-focused enterprises that need to meet demanding data residency requirements, as well as reducing operational costs and modernizing legacy applications. In addition, moving to an Oracle Cloud Region helps companies that have high security requirements and need to meet demanding data residency requirements as well as reduce operational costs and modernize legacy applications.

In recent months, Chile has consolidated its position as a digital hub in the region thanks to the installation of a series of data centers by leading companies in the sector. InvestChile reported that it is currently working with a portfolio of projects worth more than US$2,500 million in this sector, which could be materialized in the coming years.

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