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Google will connect Chile and Australia with a new submarine cable

InvestChile - January,15,2024

With a length of more than 8,000 miles, this submarine fiber optic cable will create a strategic connection between South America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Topics: Global services- Submarine cable- Optical Fiber

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OECD: Chile among the countries with the highest growth in fiber optic

InvestChile - September,7,2021

The South American country ranks sixth among the organization’s 38 member states, behind Belgium, Austria, Israel, Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

Topics: Technology- Digital Economy- Optical Fiber

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Asian and European firms present proposals for the Chile-Asia cable

InvestChile - November,9,2020

The government has received around 20 financing proposals for the transoceanic cable. KPMG has managed negotiations with investors.

Topics: Global services- Submarine cable- Optical Fiber

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The benefits of the Southern Optical Fiber project

InvestChile - May,31,2019

The international impact that the project may have, as well as the digital integration of the almost 300,000 inhabitants of Patagonia, includes the great potential of the far south of Chile for research and science.

Topics: Optical Fiber

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Google submarine cable reaches Chile to link LatAm and California

InvestChile - April,24,2019

Its arrival marks a new milestone in the country’s technological development. It will serve as an ally for the Google data center in Santiago’s Quilicura district as well as improving ease of connection to services like YouTube and Hangouts. 

Topics: Submarine cable- Optical Fiber

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Road map of the new transoceanic cable that will reach Chile

InvestChile - August,6,2018

The project, with a length that could be between 22,000 and 24,000 kilometers, would link Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney and could transform Chile into the Southern Cone’s main digital hub.

Topics: Digital Economy- Submarine cable- Optical Fiber

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