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Volta Chile opens REP Law environmental plant in Quilicura

InvestChile - September,1,2023

The plant will enable the country to meet over 30% of REP Law initial packaging targets. The total investment will be CLP$5 billion.

Topics: Recycling- Sustainability

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Ambipar invests US$30 million in recycling plants in Chile

InvestChile - August,25,2023

Brazilian company Ambipar Environment has announced new investments in the Tarapacá and Los Lagos regions. 

Topics: Recycling

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Michelin to build new-generation tire recycling plant in Antofagasta

InvestChile - February,17,2021

The first stage of the project will cost US$30 million and will be the company’s largest investment in Chile. In the future, the plant could also recycle tires from other countries such as Argentina or Peru.

Topics: Circular economy- Recycling

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The Plastic Evolution seeks global innovation for recycling in Chile

InvestChile - February,10,2021

Startups from anywhere in the world -with solutions that can be implemented in Chile and address one of the challenges- can submit in the call.

Topics: Circular economy- Recycling

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Software made in Chile seeks to make companies zero-waste

InvestChile - December,19,2019

The EcoReport platform identifies waste and can track it in real time, avoiding the use of a landfill.

Topics: Circular economy- Recycling

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Chile’s four undertakings for managing plastics by 2025

InvestChile - July,11,2019

The country expects that, within six years, 25% of plastic containers and packaging will be made from recycled material and 100% will be designed in line with the circular economy concept. The announcement was made five months before COP25 takes place in Chile.

Topics: Circular economy- Recycling

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