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The Plastic Evolution seeks global innovation for recycling in Chile

InvestChile - February,10,2021

Startups from anywhere in the world -with solutions that can be implemented in Chile and address one of the challenges- can submit in the call.

plastic bottles

The Plastic Evolution is the name of the open innovation call for circular, sustainable and disruptive solutions for containers and packaging in Chile and Latin America. The call, which will be open until February 21, is managed by ChileGlobal Ventures and organized by the Chilean Plastics Pact in conjunction with Fundación Chile.

Startups from anywhere in the world can submit solutions that can be implemented in Chile and address one of the challenges included in the call: circular solutions for plastic containers and packaging and/or solutions to increase the recycling of containers and packaging that have been in contact with food.

The proposals will be evaluated by the ChileGlobal Ventures teams and representatives chosen by the Chilean Plastics Pact. They will determine which solutions go forward to the next round in which meetings will take place to learn more about the pre-selected projects and startups.

The Chilean Plastics Pact (PCP), with its “Circula el Plástico” initiative, is the Chilean branch of the Plastics Pact Global Network, a unique international initiative that brings together and coordinates the efforts of the organizations that participate in the different stages of the life cycle and ecosystem of plastic containers and packaging. Its purpose is to replace the current linear model with a circular model, reducing the extraction of natural resources and plastic waste while, at the same time, preserving its market value with the highest quality and longest possible duration.

This public-private initiative is supported by InvestChile, which is also part of the PCP. It is promoting the investment opportunity so that overseas companies can also contribute to the infrastructure or capital required to implement these initiatives in Chile.

The PCP is formed by actors from all the plastics value chain, including plastics suppliers, suppliers of containers and packaging, producers, retailers, brands, local authorities, consumer associations, municipal governments and waste management and recycling companies. In this way, it seeks to build a platform for active collaboration in order to generate actions that have a systematic impact.

The winner will have access to leading Chilean producers of plastic containers and packaging and members of the PCP and be able to test or pilot the solution presented as well as having visibility in opportunities for exchange with the Plastics Pact Global Network, coordinated by Fundación Chile, in which the Ellen MacArthur Foundation will participate.

For information and submissions, click here.


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