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These are Chile’s most innovative companies in 2018

InvestChile - November,28,2018

The companies were evaluated for their capacity to innovate and act in pursuit of their business objectives, transforming innovation into a practice that forms part of their DNA. The list includes companies of different sizes, some of them from overseas.


The fifth version of "Best Place to Innovate" awarded prizes to Chile’s 50 more innovative companies, including some from overseas. For the awards, presented by GfK Adimark and the Adolfo Ibáñez University, companies were evaluated from sectors that included mining, agriculture, energy, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, financial services, retail, car dealerships, food and beverages, personal care and household products, mass consumption, durable goods, health services and the media.    

"All these industries were evaluated for their capacity to innovate and act in pursuit of their business objectives, transforming innovation into a practice that forms part of their DNA," indicated the university. “If a company is really interested in becoming innovative, with business results that make a difference and are sustainable over time, it must be able to evolve along what we call the road of InnovAction," explains Willem F. Schol, president of Best Place to Innovate. 

This implies evolving from the stage of Creativity (where it is very common to seek ideas within the organization through suggestions boxes or brainstorming sessions) to the stages of Innovation (where some natural innovators generate some specific innovations) and Action (where the organization is already working systematically to innovate and achieves this through its business model) until reaching the stage of Effective Change where innovation is open and part of the organization’s DNA. 

"By evolving through these stages, companies develop their potential for innovation and, therefore, their capacity to generate profitable and sustainable growth,” adds the expert.

The most innovative companies

The following companies were selected. They are presented in random order, not according to position.

Agencia Los Quiltros - Agencia Raya - Basf - División Semillas - Bayer Crop Science – Coca-Cola Andina - Nestlé - Copec - L'Oreal - P&G - Pfizer - Dafiti - SalcoBrand - Walmart - Banco de Chile - Banco Santander - Cuprum - Claro - Wom - Metrogas - BHP Billiton - Codelco - Clínica Alemana - Anglo American - Falabella - Enel - Aes Gener - Clínica Las Condes - Colbún - BCI - Movistar - Entel - Red UC Christus – Coca-Cola - Mega - Jumbo - Mercado Libre - Antofagasta PLC - Banco Falabella - Colun - Chilevisión/CNN - Paris - Transelec - Canal 13 - H&M - Sodimac - PC Factory - CCU - Unilever - Yapo - Barrick Gold

To find out more about innovation in Chile, see this article.

Source: Emol and Best Place to Innovate

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