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Tiny Cabin: Innovative modular accommodation project reaches the Carretera Austral

InvestChile - November,11,2019

The initiative seeks to create Chile’s largest community of tourist accommodation, motivating entrepreneurs to rent cabins to install on their land.  

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The innovative Tiny Cabin project, which seeks to boost investment in tourism in Chile, has just marked its first milestone. In October, Tecno Fast began to take the first 10 cabins created for entrepreneurs around the country from its factory to the Carretera Austral (Southern Road) in the far south of Chile.

The 24.5-square-meter cabins, designed by Chilean architects Mathias Klotz and Felipe Assadi, will form part of Patagonia Condor Bay, one of the 50 projects shortlisted in the #ConsigueTuTinyCabin (#GetYourTinyCabin) application process. The initiative seeks to create Chile’s largest community of tourist accommodation, motivating entrepreneurs to rent cabins to install on their land.

“My project envisages that each Tiny Cabin will have a wooden tub with its deck overlooking the lake. The idea is that this new form of accommodation will allow travelers to relax and enjoy the natural environment which is itself a privilege,” explains Javier González, owner of Patagonia Condor Bay, who obtained a 25% discount on the annual rental fee.

As a result, the first Tiny Cabins on the Carretera Austral will be part of a hotel community that seeks to encourage investment in tourism which, at US$1,203 million in the first half of this year, was the weakest in ten years, according to the latest survey by the National Chamber of Commerce (CNC).

A thousand Tiny Cabins around Chile

In order to publicize this new accommodation option, Tecno Fast plans to create a collaborative network ( to inform both Chilean and overseas tourists about each location and the availability of accommodation, as well as posting information on Airbnb and Booking.

“We aim to create an innovative community of collaborative accommodation, the first of its type in the world, that seeks to boost tourism in Chile, inviting people to travel the country in an environmentally friendly way, in line with international trends and the quality requirements of the tourism of the future,” explains Cristian Goldberg, executive president and founder of Tecno Fast.

He adds that Tecno Fast’s aim is to reach 1,000 rented units over the next few years, based on an analysis by the Booking specialized travel site, which indicated that, in 2018, there was a 125% increase in global demand for the Tiny Homes category, of 95% for recycled houses and 110% for homes located in rural and countryside settings.

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Source: El Divisadero

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