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US company Nisum supports virtual medical attention in Chile

InvestChile - July,24,2020

The technology firm has tripled the productivity of the Teledoc company by developing a platform that automates part of its tasks.


Raising a firm’s productivity during a pandemic may seem a complex challenge, especially for healthcare companies, which are helping to fight the spread of Covid-19. In this challenge, technology can be a great ally as demonstrated by California-based Nisum, which has tripled Teledoc’s productivity by automating its processes.

Teledoc specializes in low-complexity virtual medical care and, given the significant increase in demand for its services due to the pandemic, needed to streamline the care it offers on a daily basis.

Nisum worked pro bono to develop the platform as a means of supporting the community in the midst of the pandemic. It has equipped Teledoc with an automated billing system that integrates modules for customer service, payment and issuance and delivery of invoices. This process was previously carried out manually and involved the preparation of more than 300 invoices each month.

Nisum also implemented a customer relationship management (CMR) system that optimizes two important processes: the registration of medical records and telephone assistance for patients.

“It’s important for us to be in a position to support a company that is directly helping people affected by Covid-19 and, at the same time, support the launch of Teledoc’s digital transformation, a key factor for companies to maintain optimal operations at this time,” said Sebastian Martinez, head of Nisum’s Blockchain Lab.

Claudia Arpón, general manager of Teledoc, indicated that, based on her projections, “we can easily reach more than 2,000 invoices a month and, with this automated process, we will be able to grow optimizing the use of all resources.”

Nisum Technologies is a business and technology consulting firm that was founded in southern California in 2000. It currently has eight offices around the United States, in India and, since 2012, in Santiago in order to cover Latin American demand.

To learn more about how foreign companies are helping to combat covid-19 in Chile, check out the following article.


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