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Wom CEO confirms investments of US$300 million in Chile

InvestChile - November,12,2021

Christopher Laska reasserted his optimism about the future of the country and the development of the company’s projects in Chile.


Wom CEO Christopher Laska’s comments on the transformation processes that Chile is experiencing on a political level were included in several local media outlets, in reference to the constitutional process and the presidential elections taking place in the country. The executive said that from a business perspective, he is positive, because his company is a long-term investor and “we do not plan to change our investment plans in Chile in this situation.”

Specifically, Laska said that the telecommunications company, which is owned by the British investment fund Novator Partners, has plans that include a massive investment in Chile over the next three years for around US$300 million. This investment mainly concerns its home services and the launch of Wom TV, among others.

“I talk to a lot of people in Chile and I see that there are some people who are worried, but I also see a lot of people who are optimistic because there will be a change in the constitution. No matter what happens, there will be some changes and uncertainties, but I am certain that at Wom we have a solid plan with the flexibility to adapt and adjust, maintaining our position as a brand for the people, one that wants to democratize telecommunications and provide internet to everyone,” said the executive.

He explained that working in a telecommunications company has given him an optimistic outlook, because around the world, telecommunications has proven to be much more resilient to crises than other sectors. “I say this humbly, but it is true. You can even be facing an economic downturn, but if you have a good crisis plan, you can perform well in the long run,” he said. 

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Source: Pulso.

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