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Clean energy: Electricity in Chile is generated primarily by the sun

InvestChile - August,17,2023

Solar energy has not only exceeded hydroelectric power and coal; it has also become Chile’s second-largest energy source, after natural gas. 

Solar power generation has achieved an unprecedented share of Chile’s energy matrix, exceeding coal and hydroelectric power for the first time. 

According to a study presented by electric power generators’ association Generadoras de Chile, during the first half of 2023 renewable energy became the country’s main source of electricity generation, with solar power at the forefront of this energy revolution. 

This achievement is a testament to the firm commitment of Chile’s power generation industry to transitioning toward a clean and sustainable energy matrix. 

Solar power generation has not only exceeded hydroelectric power and coal; it has also become the country’s second-largest energy source, after natural gas. This milestone represents a significant step toward the long-awaited decarbonization of Chile’s energy matrix. 

It’s no coincidence that Chile is one of the countries with the highest sustainable investment potential in the world. 

Sergio Vogado, Interconnection Manager at SOLEK, a leading solar power company, highlighted the importance of continuing to connect solar power and non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE) projects in order to guarantee a constant and reliable electricity supply. 

He also emphasized the need for progress on solar power storage technologies to enable the distribution of renewable energy at night and improve competitiveness in all time bands. 

Investing in renewable energy in Chile 

Investment has been a key factor in driving this increase in renewable energies’ share of the electricity matrix. 

Foreign enterprises such as Czech company SOLEK have played a crucial role in progressing in the construction, development, and operation of a series of solar power plants in Chile over the years. 

Additionally, thanks to agreements with some of the world’s largest investment funds, the company is continuing to plan the construction of new plants, which will enable it to bring even more clean energy to high-demand sectors. 

SOLEK Group is a Czech renewable and sustainable energy company that developments, constructs, operates, and maintains a range of solar power plants in Europe and Latin America, where it has operations in Colombia, Peru, and Chile. 

This milestone highlights Chile’s commitment to a more sustainable future, and emphasizes the crucial role of investment and technological innovation in the consolidation of this transition toward a cleaner and more efficient energy matrix.

Solar power in Chile is also soaring ahead as a low-cost source of electricity for producing green hydrogen.

Through its consistent focus on solar and renewable energy, Chile has attained a solid position to lead the way toward a brighter and more sustainable energy future. 

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