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Enel begins operations at Chile's first hybrid renewable power plant

InvestChile - August,22,2022

It is known as the Azabache solar power project (60.9 MW) which, thanks to its location on the same site, operates in conjunction with the Valle de los Vientos wind power park (90 MW) to generate renewable energy from solar radiation and the wind.

planta hibrida solar eolico

Enel Chile, through its renewable energies subsidiary, Enel Green Power Chile, received authorization from the National Electric Coordinator to begin commercial operations at the Azabache Plant, which has an installed capacity of 60.9 MW and is also the first non-conventional hybrid renewable generation plant in the country, thanks to joint operations with the Valle de Los Vientos wind park (90 MW), allowing it to reduce its environmental impact and leverage more efficient electricity production cycles at more competitive prices.

"This is great news for the country and for our company, since the authorization by the National Electric Coordinator allows us to finalize the development of the Azabache Plant, an important project within our decarbonization plan. This plant will help us inject an annual average of 184 GWh into the National Electric System, avoiding approximately 135,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This milestone is aligned with the objective of carbon neutrality by 2040, and the fair energy transition implemented by Enel Chile,” says Fabrizio Barderi, CEO of Enel Chile.

“At Enel, we are aimed at developing projects where we can implement innovation and are pioneers in seeking out new technologies and options that, above all, are environmentally friendly and respect the communities where the company operates. Our goal is also to make an ongoing contribution to the transition from a generation matrix based on fossil fuels to one based on 100% renewable generation,” adds Fernando Meza, Business Development Manager for Enel Green Power Chile.

Just 10 kilometers outside Calama, in the Region of Antofagasta, the Azabache Park is located in the Valle de los Vientos wind power park, where the distance between the windmills allows for enough space for a solar power park, where the use of trucks and shared facilities (like the O&M building or Substation) between the two parks to provide synergies in construction and operations. By incorporating Azabache into the National Electric System, this hybrid complex will be able to generate energy practically all day long, with a peak between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., and in the case of Valle de los Vientos, the peak will also be in the afternoon when the wind picks up.

The Azabache solar power plant has around 154,170 two-sided panels, a state-of-the-art technology that can capture solar radiation on both sides of the solar panel to turn it into electricity, with the possibility of achieving up to 20% more generation capacity.

Enel Green Power Chile is a subsidiary of Enel Chile, leader of the country's renewable energy market, with a diversified portfolio that contains wind power (564 MW), solar power (1,537 MW), hydropower (92 MW), and geothermal power (81 MW).

Chile has added dozens of solar parks and wind farms to it's remarkable renewable energy matrix in the past years.  To learn more about investment opportunities in Energy in Chile, read the following article. 

Source: Enel

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