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Ideal starts construction of its new distribution center in Quilicura

InvestChile - March,9,2021

The project is part of the US$55 million that its parent company, Bimbo, will invest in Chile over the next two years.

Bimbo 3-1

Ideal, a member of the Mexican group Bimbo, held a ceremony to place the first stone of its new distribution center (CEDIS), which will supply 24 sales locations throughout Chile beginning in October of this year. The project entails US$2.5 million in investment and is part of Bimbo’s plan to invest US$55 million in Chile over the next two years. In addition to the distribution center, the plan includes the construction and operation of its new Ñuble plant, which will create over 300 jobs.

The ceremony was attended by Economy Minister Lucas Palacios and the Head of Strategy and Corporate Management Division at InvestChile, Juan Araya. Minister Palacios highlighted the importance of Grupo Bimbo’s investment, particularly in the current context. “It’s not only important for us to rebuild the economy and restore the jobs lost over the last year as a result of the pandemic. We also have to plan for strong economic growth, and the composition of that economic growth cannot be limited to domestic spending. It also has to include investment,” Minister Palacios remarked.

Ideal General Manager Enrique Martínez Gómez stated that the company, “wants to contribute to Chile’s growth and reactivation and to the continuity of its logistics chain.” “We believe that Chile is the right country to continue to support our consumers, grocers, and small businesses, promoting healthy living and making a contribution through investment, employment, ethics, innovation and sustainability,” he added.

For Juan Araya, Bimbo’s investment is a sign that Chile continues to be attractive to foreign investors despite lower global growth due to the pandemic. “InvestChile is working to encourage foreign companies that put their projects on hold due to the pandemic to get them going again this year. This will allow them to help make the country’s economy more dynamic and to create new jobs,” Araya said.

The new distribution center will also be a benchmark project in terms of sustainability and the use of clean energies. It will generate 100% of the electricity that it consumes from renewable sources, drawing on 800 solar panels that will inject 300 kilowatt hours.

The center’s operations will decrease energy and water consumption as well as CO2 emissions through the use of Giro Limpio-certified fleets, dry vehicle washing, LED lighting, a fueling system for 50 hybrid vehicles, and other measures.

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