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Chile presents investment opportunities in infrastructure

InvestChile - March,2,2023

The portfolio includes 54 projects to be awarded through 43 tenders promoted by the Chilean government that are worth more than US$13 billion in investments in the Latin American country.


A total of 54 infrastructure projects make up the new portfolio «Investment Opportunities in Chile», which has been launched by the country’s Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, InvestChile. The projects include the construction of highways, air terminals and other public facilities.

The projects form part of 43 tenders that will be promoted by Chile’s Public Works Ministry, which together are worth more than US$13 billion in investments. The tender process will be launched for 14 of the projects in 2023, including the concession for the Ruta 5 Caldera – Antofagasta highway section, the second concession for the Ruta 5 Santiago – Los Vilos highway section and the second concession for the Acceso Norte to Concepción highway.

The largest project in the portfolio is the second concession for the Ruta 68 Santiago - Viña del Mar highway interconnection, which will include investment of around US$1.2 billion over its 140.7-kilometer length. Technical bids will be received to June 30 and economic bids will be announced on July 28.

A success story

The document is an essential tool for foreign investors in the sector who want to participate in Chile’s concession system. Over its more than 30-year history, 103 projects have been awarded worth a committed investment exceeding US$25.5 billion.

To date, 16 multinationals have settled in the South American country after participating in the concession system. The publication is aimed at foreign companies focused on the construction of highways, air terminals, hospitals and other public infrastructure. It will be an extremely useful tool for them in making their next investment decision.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can download the Investment Opportunities in Chile Infrastructure Projects Portfolio here.

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We are the government agency responsible for promoting Chile in the global market as a destination for FDI.

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