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Mercado Libre to hire 1,000 people in Chile in 2022

InvestChile - May,5,2022

The Argentine e-commerce and financial services firm expects to hire 14,000 people throughout Latin America, this will result in 46% growth in its total number of employees in 2022, reaching 44,000 this year. 


Argentine e-commerce and financial services company Mercado Libre has announced that it plans to hire 14,000 people in Latin America this year. 

This will result in 46% growth in its total number of direct employees in 2022, reaching 44,000 by the end of this year, the company said in a press release. 

Through this plan, Mercado Libre is aiming to expand its logistics network in the region and strengthen IT areas, which generate technological solutions for the company’s entire ecosystem. 

Broken down by country, the company will hire 5,200 people in Mexico, 4,000 in Brazil, 2,400 in Argentina, 1,200 in Colombia, 1,000 in Chile, and 200 in Uruguay. 

Foreign investment and high-quality employment 

“At Mercado Libre, we are continuing to contribute to the generation of high-quality employment and the development of Latin American talent. This significant growth will also enable us to give thousands of people throughout the region their first job”, said Sebastián Fernández Silva, Mercado Libre’s chief people officer. 

People will be able to choose where to work, in accordance with the nature of their role, which “expands the company’s talent market”, added Fernández Silva. 

He also noted that the evolution of the company's offices toward a “campus” concept will enhance social connection, learning, innovation, and “effective team dynamics”. 

Founded in 1999, Mercado Libre is one of the largest e-commerce companies in Latin America, and its shares have been traded on the Nasdaq since 2007. 

Read the following article to find out more about investment opportunities in Chile and other foreign companies that are generating high-quality employment.  

Source: Radio Bio-Bio, EFE 

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