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Survey: 58% associate Chilean products with quality

InvestChile - June,12,2020

A study by the Imagen de Chile Foundation found that wine and fruit are the Chilean products most recognized internationally.

vino chile wine

Wine and fruit are the Chilean products that are most recognized internationally. This is the conclusion of a study carried out by the Imagen de Chile Foundation in April, which surveyed 1,200 people in cities across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

How much is known about Chile abroad? What are the products, attributes and strengths for which Chile stands out? Wine (52%) and fruit (37%) are the products most closely associated with Chile, according to the study carried out by Imagen de Chile in 12 cities around the world. They are followed by copper (25%) and seafood (23%).

The fieldwork, carried out by the international consultancy firm Ipsos, took place in April in the following cities: Sao Paulo, New York, Washington, Ontario, Madrid, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, New Delhi, Shanghai and Tokyo, with a total sample of 1,200 people (100 in each city). An innovative methodology was used to identify trends dynamically and over longer periods of time.

In addition, the survey asked about the attributes associated with Chilean products. One of the most valuable results is that 58% of respondents indicated that they are of “good quality”. In all the cities, except Paris and Madrid, quality was the attribute most frequently mentioned.

“Being associated with quality is great news for Chile and for the brand we position in the world. It means that what comes from Chile is recognized. As guardians of the Chile Brand, we have been very focused on continuing to give value to our brand overseas so that the world prefers what comes from our country, and, in this way, we can contribute to the progress and economic reactivation of Chile,” says Constanza Cea, executive director of Imagen de Chile.

In attributes, quality was followed by “low prices” (31%), “artisan products” (25%), “diversity” (19%) and “sustainability” (17%).

This study is part of a series of monthly measurements that will be carried out by the public-private institution responsible for promoting Chile and its reputation abroad. The idea is to measure perceptions of Chile and its strengths and attributes in different international markets. “We chose this methodology because, for the field of country brands, it makes our work more measurable. The most innovative aspect of studies of this type, referred to as ‘longitudinal’, is that they allow us to identify trends dynamically, react more quickly and establish indicators through which to measure long-term results,” explains Constanza Cea.

During the year, Imagen de Chile will continue to apply these studies in different international markets in order to gather information about the perceptions the world has of Chile in various fields and from different angles that are relevant for the country's image, such as tourism, investment and trade.

Source: Imagen de Chile.

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