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The Live Green Co: The first BCorp certified FoodTech startup in LatAm

InvestChile - October,5,2021
The company aims to revolutionize the food industry with 100% plant-based products, clean labels, functional ingredients and sustainable production and packaging.


The Live Green Co., a Chilean start-up with Indian roots, announced that it received B Corporation certification, awarded by the global nonprofit organization B Lab and its Sistema B. This makes it the first food technology start-up based in Latin America to become certified.

Certification requires undergoing a rigorous process to measure the company’s social and environmental impact and its commitment to decision-making that considers the long-term consequences of its actions on the community and the environment, once certified.

“At The Live Green Co., we take great pride in putting in the effort to become B Lab certified because their stringent environmental and social standards are a model of how we approach business each day,” said founder and CEO Priyanka Srinivas. “Creating a future for sustainable, plant alternatives that are accessible throughout the food industry is our life’s work and this certification from B Corporation is recognition that we’re on the right path forward.”

This is currently the only certification that considers the social and environmental performance of a company as a whole. By becoming certified, The Live Green Co. joins leading organizations focused on social and environmental impact, such as Patagonia, Danone and Chile’s Algramo, Betterfly and Green Glass, to name a few.

The Live Green Co. is a Chilean start-up founded by Priyanka Srinivas in 2018 that is currently backed by Start-Up Chile and other accelerators and international investment firms. It has also been supported by InvestChile since 2019.

The company aims to transform the food industry with 100% plant-based products, clean labels, functional ingredients and sustainable production and packaging. Using a recommendation engine called Charaka, the company can scan 15,000 plants and plant properties to provide healthy and sustainable substitutes for more than 5,000 additives.

The company’s products —plant-based ice cream, hamburger mixes and pancake mixes— are available in grocery stores in Chile and Peru, as well as on in the United States.

To learn more about local products and business opportunities for foreign investment in Chile, read the following article.  

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