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We are the government agency responsible for promoting Chile in the global market as a destination for FDI.

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InvestChile publishes e-book on new Fintech Law in Chile

InvestChile - January,26,2023

The guide has been prepared by the South American country’s Foreign Investment Promotion Agency. It contains the main guidelines to promote this area of the financial industry.

Topics: Fintech

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UNCTAD forecasts «weak» global outlook for foreign investment in 2023

InvestChile - January,20,2023

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), negative or slow growth in many economies and further deteriorating financing conditions will put downward pressure on FDI this year.

Topics: Foreign Investment

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Chilean mining industry leads digital transformation

InvestChile - January,5,2023

The Chilean mining sector uses social networks for around 88% of its purchases and sales, according to the 2022 Digital Transformation Index (DTI). 

Topics: Mining- Technology

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Chilean lithium has the smallest carbon footprint on the planet

InvestChile - January,3,2023

The South American country is the world’s second largest lithium producer after Australia and holds approximately 45% of global reserves of this mineral, which means that new business opportunities will undoubtedly emerge over the coming years.  

Topics: Mining- Lithium

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InvestChile study addresses gender-related challenges in foreign firms

InvestChile - December,31,2022

Salary gaps, unbiased recruitment and women’s leadership development are some of the central issues addressed in a survey of both male and female executives of foreign companies with projects in Chile. InvestChile conducted the study in the first half of 2022. 

Topics: Women- Best practices

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South America’s first hydrogen-cell car makes its debut

InvestChile - December,30,2022

The Government of Chile and Toyota have presented the first hydrogen-powered car approved for circulation in the country, with the aim of promoting vehicles that use clean energy in the market.  

Topics: Energy- Green Hydrogen

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Fintech Payoneer renews commitment to Chile and promises investments

InvestChile - December,27,2022

The company was established in Israel and is listed on Nasdaq. It plans to begin offering working capital.

Topics: Fintech

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Mexico's Alsea to open more than 20 restaurants in Chile in 2023

InvestChile - December,26,2022

The operator of Burger King, Starbucks, PF Chang’s and Chili’s has more than 220 restaurants in the country and intends to continue increasing that number by taking a chance on expanding throughout Chile.  

Topics: Foreign Investment- Mexican investment

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Big Data Scoring: Fintech predicts payment behavior

InvestChile - December,22,2022

The Chilean-Finnish fintech has raised US$3 million, and this year anticipates turnover of US$1 million.  The company is able to predict the payment behavior of unbanked people using only their email, address and telephone number.

Topics: Fintech

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Chile: New public sector opportunities for 2023

InvestChile - December,15,2022

Chile’s Energy Minister, Mining Minister and Public Works Undersecretary made presentations at the VI International InvestChile Forum 2022 on opportunities that the Chilean Government is offering to foreign investors. The main focus? Sustainability.

Topics: InvestChile International Forum

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Future-oriented solutions: 4 companies that decided to invest in Chile

InvestChile - December,15,2022

Companies from Italy, France, Australia, and the United States that are innovating to balance sustainability and efficiency in different Chilean industries discussed their experiences at the VI International InvestChile Forum.

Topics: InvestChile International Forum

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Economists highlight Chile's global role

InvestChile - December,12,2022

Chilean Finance Minister, Mario Marcel, the United States Department of State’s Chief Economist, Emily Blanchard, and the OECD’s Chief Economist and Director of Country Studies, Álvaro Santos Pereira offered their views on the South American country. 

Topics: Chilean Economy- InvestChile Forum

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Chile presents investment opportunities in high-value sectors

InvestChile - December,9,2022

Global services and technology, fintech, circular economy, green hydrogen, and tourism are among the economic sectors that the South American country wants to promote.  

Topics: Global services- Tourism- Chilean Economy- Circular economy- Fintech- Green Hydrogen- Investment Opportunities

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Chile is the most attractive country for investment in renewables

InvestChile - November,16,2022

Once again, Chile has placed first in Bloomberg's Climatescope ranking, demonstrating its regional leadership in the field of energy. 

Topics: Ranking- Energy

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Yango Delivery aspires to be Top 3 in last mile delivery in Chile

InvestChile - November,8,2022

Yango Delivery has chosen Chile to start its operations in Latin America because of the ease of doing business in the country, as well as its entrepreneurial ecosystem. The company is looking at Colombia and Brazil to expand its presence in the region in the future.  

Topics: Global services- Technology- Last-mile

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Everything you need to know about Chile’s Fintech industry

InvestChile - November,7,2022
In 2021, the Chilean fintech sector was made up of over 150 companies, almost 50% of which are internationalizing their operations in Latin America. What attracts foreign companies to invest in financial technology in Chile?

Topics: Fintech- Banking

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Korean company Synertec brings renewables to San Pedro de Atacama

InvestChile - November,4,2022

Foreign investment in renewable energy is reaching every corner of Chile. In the north of the country, the Atacama Desert is the perfect setting to install photovoltaic panels, benefiting the entire community.  

Topics: Energy- Korean investment

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Digital identification: A key to inclusive growth in Chile

InvestChile - October,27,2022

ClaveÚnica (Unique Key) has more than 14 million active users since its implementation. It can currently be used to carry out more than 1,600 procedures in the public sector. Two-step authentication will be implemented in 2023, preventing malicious use and identity theft.  

Topics: Digital Economy- Chilean Economy

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Rare-earth project in Chile increases investment to US$130 million

InvestChile - October,26,2022

Linked to the Peruvian Hochschild group and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, it would be one of the few operations to extract rare-earth elements outside of China.   

Topics: Mining- Electromobility

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Nestlé will invest US$140 million to expand Chile plant

InvestChile - October,12,2022

The project will double current production capacity at the Purina brand facility in located in Teno, in Chile’s Maule Region.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Food Industry- Foreign companies

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