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Chile promotes digital talent with 1,000 specialization scholarships

InvestChile - September,8,2022

Talento Digital para Chile, InvestChile and CORFO will work alongside leading companies in the export of information technology services to expand access to quality jobs and position Chile as an exporter of technological services.  


The «Digital Talent Up» initiative is a scholarship program for the training, conversion and specialization of workers with aptitudes in information technology. The initiative is a joint project between Talento Digital para Chile, InvestChile and CORFO. They will work with leading companies in the export of information technology services to award one thousand scholarships that focus on providing training in the skills most in demand within the sector.  

The initiative thus aims to expand access to quality jobs and position Chile as an exporter of technological services.  

«In Chile, we have infrastructure, talent, ecosystem and also great local stakeholders. More than 60 global companies are currently using Chile as a hub for exporting IT services and business processes. This initiative allows us to fill in the gaps, promote a high-value sector and improve the skills of our professionals. It also helps us get to where we want to be as country faster», explained the executive director of InvestChile, Karla Flores.  

Investment in the future  

One out of every 16 workers will be employed in a job that is different to the one in which they currently work by 2030 (McKinsey, 2021), and 70% of the workforce will require training in information technology (IT) (OECD, 2020).  

In Chile, it is estimated that 2.2 million new jobs will need new skills and specializations (CNP & FCh, 2018). The demands of the digital economy now require trained and specialized human capital to face labor challenges, expand access to quality jobs and improve Chile’s position as an exporter of technological services.  

In this context, «Digital Talent Up» will award one thousand bootcamp scholarships in 2023 focused on conversion and specialization training. In order to invest in human capital, 600 of these scholarships will offer a distinction in English. There will also be an option to take part in 150 internships in participating companies, in collaboration with InvestChile.  

Between 15 and 20 leading companies in the export of information technology outsourcing (ITO) services will be part of the initiative. Its aim is to contribute to the specialization and training of people with digital aptitudes, converting and improving the skills and abilities needed in the current market.  

«At InvestChile, we are very happy to participate in this initiative alongside Digital Talent for Chile and CORFO. Specifically, we want foreign companies to know that our country has the talent available to meet their digital requirements. More generally, we believe that knowledge-based industries represent an opportunity to enrich our productive matrix, based on the talent of our people. Both are very good reasons to wholeheartedly support this initiative», stated Karla Flores, executive director of InvestChile.  

When does Digital Talent Up begin? 

The first stage of the «Digital Talent Up» initiative will begin in September of this year with methodological workshops for participating companies to learn everything about the initiative and co-design the program, in order to ensure that it is relevant and dynamic. The project will then get underway in 2023.  

During the first stage, the companies will learn about the design of the program and its reach, how they will participate, and the digital aptitude requirements for the entry level and specialty pathways. Qualitative studies will allow them to provide their observations and actively participate in the process, in order to identify the demands and needs of each company.  

«The opportunities are there, and it’s our job as Talento Digital to make the connection between companies and human capital. Our mission is to improve the effectiveness of people at work through education, but also to prepare them for the digital labor market, so that they are able to better face the new challenges of today», commented Jeannette Escudero, director of Talento Digital para Chile.

«Good coordination between employers and training options to ensure people develop relevant skills and knowledge are required to provide agile responses to the demands of digital transformation and radical changes in employment. Companies that export global services from Chile need this talent and are willing to work collaboratively, under the coordination of Digital Talent. This allows us to address the challenges that this transformation entails through education and job conversion, two key elements for economic and employment reactivation in Chile, as well as to make progress towards a model of sustainable development with people at the center», emphasized Hernán Araneda, interim CEO and VP of Human Development at Fundación Chile.  

How will «Digital Talent Up» work? 

The methodological design of «Digital Talent Up» will be based on five lines of action: identifying demand; training model design and formation; training plan design and validation; application model design and selection of candidates; and training provider design and validation.  

A workshop will be held during the second methodological stage to strengthen the link with companies by fostering loyalty.  

About Digital Talent for Chile 

Digital Talent for Chile is a public-private initiative developed by Fundación Chile and Fundación Kodea. It is made up of companies, training institutions and the government, and allows people to develop new skills in tune with the demands of the digital economy, giving access to quality jobs and generating more training opportunities throughout life.  

To learn about more digital talent training initiatives in Chile, check out the following article.  

Source: Fundación Chile / Diario Financiero 

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