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OHLA is awarded the concession of the National Cancer Institute

InvestChile - March,28,2023

The Spanish company will invest more than €300 million (around US$323 million) in the concession contract in Chile, and will generate approximately 1,200 jobs during the peak of the construction phase.


Spanish company OHLA has been awarded the concession contract for the construction, maintenance, and operation of the National Cancer Institute in Santiago de Chile, which will involve an investment of more than €300 million (around US$323 million). It is estimated that approximately 1,200 direct jobs could be generated per month during the peak of the construction phase.

The project includes the integral development of designs, execution of associated civil works, integral implementation of clinical, administrative and industrial equipment, as well as the operation of the infrastructure’s basic and special mandatory services. The contract is part of Chile’s Second Health Facilities Concession Program, which includes the construction of 18 hospitals, of which OHLA had already been awarded the Biobío Hospital Network (Santa Bárbara, Nacimiento, Coronel, and Lota) by the end of 2021.

The new National Cancer Institute will be located on the site of the former San José Hospital in the Independencia district of the Santiago Metropolitan Region. It will serve an estimated population of 11.6 million people over 15 years of age, in its 86,000 square meters, with a total of 249 beds, including 42 for the Critical Patient Center, 142 for medium care, 62 beds for basic care, and 3 for radioiodine isolation. The infrastructure will be equipped with eight linear accelerators, which will provide high-tech equipment in the oncology field.

Concessions in the Americas and Europe

With the new award of the National Cancer Institute, OHLA reinforces its outstanding position in hospital asset management. The company’s portfolio includes close to 850,000 square meters under concession and 2,300 beds with projects such as the Biobío Hospital Network in Chile, the expansion of the Hospital del Niño Jesús (Spain), the CHUM hospital in Canada, the largest healthcare infrastructure in North America and the largest public-private healthcare collaboration project in the history of Canada, and the Burgos hospital (Spain).

OHLA’s portfolio of concessioned assets is completed with the Accesos Norte 2 highway corridor in Bogotá, the Santiago Justice Center (Chile), the marinas of Roda de Bará and Marina Urola, the police stations of Horta and Sant Andreu, all in Spain, and in Ireland the management of 465 social housing units, within the framework of the Social Housing Bundle project.

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