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Yape, the Just Eat company’s robot that will be delivering food in a few years’ time

InvestChile - February,27,2020

Hummus, a salad and carrot cake. This is what the Yape robot of Italy’s e-Novia delivered last Monday to Patrik Bergareche, CEO of Just Eat, in a demonstration that food delivery robots are already a reality.

Topics: global services- technology- Robotics

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Sima: the Chilean company that wants to sell robots in Japan

InvestChile - January,23,2020

Sima, the only Chilean company present at CES, the most important technological event in the United States, talks about the projections of the prodigal child of robotics and education.

Topics: technology- Innovation- StartUp-Chile- education- EdTech- SIMA- Robotics

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