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Mercado Libre and its formula for triumphing in the pandemic

InvestChile - August,26,2020

The company is growing at rates of 300% in Chile and plans to invest US$100 million in the next two years.

Topics: Global services

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All you need to know about coronavirus in Chile

InvestChile - March,24,2020

After the first case of Covid-19 (coronavirus) was detected in Chile on March 3, the government launched a national plan of action to minimize contagion.  

Topics: Global services- Coronavirus

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Chilean company develops a digital solution for detecting coronavirus

InvestChile - March,23,2020

The company has used artificial intelligence to create a chatbot that carries out a rapid test via WhatsApp and refers the patient for remote medical attention. The next step is to transform it into an app.

Topics: Global services- Coronavirus

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Amazon to hire 100,000 workers as online orders surge on covid worries

InvestChile - March,18,2020

With shoppers clearing out shelves in fear of quarantines or product shortages, retailers are racing to keep food and hygienic items in stock.

Topics: Global services- e-commerce- Coronavirus

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CEO of Evernote: «We remain committed to Chile»

InvestChile - February,18,2020

The Silicon Valley company will invest US$1.5 million in Chile. Ian Small says it is not discouraged by the country’s crisis. Local talent attracted it to Chile and that has not changed, says the Canadian executive, whose personal experience makes him feel confident.

Topics: Global services- US investment in Chile

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Cornershop expands regional presence and officially launches in Brazil

InvestChile - February,4,2020

The Chilean start-up has now officially launched its service in Brazil, specifically in the city of Sao Paulo.

Topics: Global services

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Chilean tech firm to open US offices and expects to double revenues

InvestChile - January,30,2020

Modyo, a software company that focuses on supporting the digital transformation of large companies, expects to achieve sales of US$10 million this year, based on the growth of its current areas of business.

Topics: Global services

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Sima: the Chilean company that wants to sell robots in Japan

InvestChile - January,23,2020

Sima, the only Chilean company present at CES, the most important technological event in the United States, talks about the projections of the prodigal child of robotics and education.

Topics: Global services- StartUp-Chile- EdTech

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Accenture’s steps to achieve a balanced workforce by 2025

InvestChile - December,10,2019

The multinational consulting services company, which has operations in Chile, has clear targets for meeting this objective and is actively working to accelerate gender equality.

Topics: Global services- Women

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HIT Cowork: the Argentine company plans two more openings in Chile

InvestChile - October,1,2019

The coworking space company has chosen Chile to start its regional expansion. It is already in Valparaíso and will now open in the capital.

Topics: Global services

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Entrepreneur gets app for emergencies into Samsung and Google devices

InvestChile - June,17,2019

The 2010 earthquake in Chile was the inspiration for an emergency information system that operates without an Internet connection.

Topics: Global services- Innovation- Startup

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World ranking of smart cities: Santiago leads the region

InvestChile - May,16,2019

According to the study, the Chilean capital had a better evolution and a positive performance on urban planning and the environment.

Topics: Global services- Ranking- Chilean Economy

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Sweden’s Alfa Laval invests in second services center in Chile

InvestChile - April,26,2019

The company, with over half a century in Chile, aims to double the weight of Latin America in its total revenues, taking it to 10%.

Topics: Global services

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Large LSST telescope starts to take shape in the north of Chile

InvestChile - October,1,2018

Its construction is the most advanced among the South American country’s three new mega observatories and it is expected to start operating in 2020.

Topics: Global services- Astronomy- Astrodata

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Chile seeks investments for the digital economy in Miami

InvestChile - September,3,2018

At a well-attended workshop and in some ten meetings with company representatives, InvestChile presented the opportunities and incentives the country offers for the export of technological services with high value added.

Topics: Global services- Technology- Digital Economy- US investment in Chile

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Equifax announces expansion of Tech Development Center in Santiago

InvestChile - August,28,2018

Equifax has decided to expand the center, the only one of this type it has in Latin America and one of its three around the world, investing US$20 million and doubling the Center’s team to 300 employees.   

Topics: Global services- Technology

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Chile: Latin American leader on digital connectivity

InvestChile - July,3,2018

As studies begin for the implementation of 5G technology in Chile, new figures show that Chileans’ use of mobile technology continues to grow and, as of March 2018, there were over 12 million 4G connections in the country.

Topics: Global services

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Innovation: Designers who reinvent textiles

InvestChile - May,11,2018

Chile is a pole of innovation in different fields, including fashion. Fabrics of biological origin, the use of unconventional materials, smart clothes and technology applied to day-to-day clothing are just some of the inventions with which the Chilean designers are surprising the fashion world.

Topics: Global services- Innovation

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Exporting global services from the end of the world

InvestChile - April,25,2018

With its global services sector expanding at an annual rate of around 11%, two percentage points ahead of the international average, Chile expects exports of these services to reach US$5,000 million by 2020.

Topics: Global services

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