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Chile and the European Union sign trade modernization agreement

InvestChile - December,26,2023

This pact strengthens commercial ties and reinforces shared values and fundamental principles, paving the way for a more prosperous and sustainable future for both parties.

Topics: International trade- Chilean Economy- European Union

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Chilean cherries take on climate change

InvestChile - July,15,2022

Chile is the southern hemisphere’s foremost producer and exporter of cherries, accounting for over 95% of counter-seasonal supply, whose main destination in China.

Topics: International trade- Environment- Food Industry

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Column: Chile’s participation in the world economy

InvestChile - November,15,2021

“Agreements can always be improved when the parties reach a consensus, but updating and expanding our international agreements is not the same thing as submitting them for review, which would generate uncertainty regarding Chile as a trade partner.”  

Topics: International trade- op-ed

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Chilean products with seal of origin that travel the world

InvestChile - September,9,2021

In Chile, there are 36 products with protection against unfair competition.  

Topics: International trade- Food Industry

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Keys to fostering sustainable Chilean exports for 2021

InvestChile - April,13,2021

ProChile has a budget of around US$270,000 for projects in areas such as assessment, training and international positioning.

Topics: International trade

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Chile’s 2020 exports: These three markets outperformed forecasts

InvestChile - March,5,2021

Sales to Switzerland were driven by precious metals, while Dubai stood out for potassium nitrates, and manufactured goods were key in Paraguay. Although China took the lead again, these markets followed it in terms of growth.

Topics: International trade

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Survey: 58% associate Chilean products with quality

InvestChile - June,12,2020

A study by the Imagen de Chile Foundation found that wine and fruit are the Chilean products most recognized internationally.

Topics: International trade- Food Industry- Chilean Economy

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Chile’s trade with China grows

InvestChile - October,30,2019
According to SUBREI, Chile’s trade with China reached US$19,055 million in the first half of 2019.

Topics: International trade- Chinese investment

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A cheery tale of Chilean cherries

InvestChile - January,18,2019

Government help and market forces create a new industry. Thanks mainly to Chinese demand, Chile exported $1.1bn-worth of cherries in 2018, double the value of 2017 and two-thirds that of its much better-known wine exports.

Topics: International trade- Food Industry

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Driven by Chinese demand, exports of cherries and berries beat record

InvestChile - October,23,2018

According to official data, the main destinations for products of this type are China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the United States.

Topics: International trade- Food Industry

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