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Chile among the least corrupt countries in Latin America

InvestChile - February,8,2023

The report published by Transparency International places Chile 27th in the ranking, the same as last year, while Denmark, Finland and New Zealand top the list worldwide. 

Topics: Ranking- Chilean Economy

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Chile’s 40+ measures to boost productivity

InvestChile - February,2,2023

The Productivity Agenda is the result of joint work with Chile’s different business associations and main workers’ organization. The measures aim to create the necessary conditions to boost the country’s economic growth and facilitate investment processes.  

Topics: Chilean Economy

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Chile registers its best fiscal performance in the last 10 years

InvestChile - February,1,2023

In 2022, the Chilean government achieved a fiscal surplus of 1.1% of GDP. Meanwhile, spending decreased by 23.1% and public debt stabilized at 37.3%. 

Topics: Chilean Economy

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Economists highlight Chile's global role

InvestChile - December,12,2022

Chilean Finance Minister, Mario Marcel, the United States Department of State’s Chief Economist, Emily Blanchard, and the OECD’s Chief Economist and Director of Country Studies, Álvaro Santos Pereira offered their views on the South American country. 

Topics: Chilean Economy- InvestChile Forum

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Chile presents investment opportunities in high-value sectors

InvestChile - December,9,2022

Global services and technology, fintech, circular economy, green hydrogen, and tourism are among the economic sectors that the South American country wants to promote.  

Topics: Global services- Tourism- Chilean Economy- Circular economy- Fintech- Green Hydrogen- Investment Opportunities

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Digital identification: A key to inclusive growth in Chile

InvestChile - October,27,2022

ClaveÚnica (Unique Key) has more than 14 million active users since its implementation. It can currently be used to carry out more than 1,600 procedures in the public sector. Two-step authentication will be implemented in 2023, preventing malicious use and identity theft.  

Topics: Digital Economy- Chilean Economy

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Advanced Manufacturing: The key to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

InvestChile - September,19,2022

The University of Chile, together with ASIMET and Corfo, are developing technological solutions to move Chilean industry from traditional to advanced manufacturing by taking advantage of the fourth revolution.

Topics: Chilean Economy- Talent

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The seven keys to understanding the new «Let’s Invest in Chile» plan

InvestChile - September,14,2022

The strategy includes 28 measures to boost growth. We explain which of them are important for foreign investors to understand.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Chilean Economy

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Five key questions to understand the tax reform in Chile

InvestChile - July,8,2022

The first structural reform to be implemented by the President Gabriel Boric’s government aims to make progress on tax fairness for all taxpayers, and to finance initiatives to expand social security and promote productive and regional development.

Topics: Chilean Economy- Tax reform

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Chile activates US technological investments for US$1 billion

InvestChile - November,8,2021

InvestChile met with representatives from companies such as AWS, EdgeConnex, Synopsys, SpaceX, Netflix, ViacomCBS and KKR, among others.  

Topics: Global services- Technology- Digital Economy- Chilean Economy- Foreign companies

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Do you know Chile’s new energy development targets?

InvestChile - November,1,2021

Chile’s Government has updated its National Energy Policy, which for the first time considers climate change, green hydrogen and electromobility.

Topics: Energy- Chilean Economy

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Chile moves forward with historic tender plan for public works in 2021

InvestChile - June,15,2021

The Chilean Public Works Ministry has already begun the tender process this year for five concessions totaling almost US$2 billion, the highest amount since the concessions program began. The total for 2021 is expected to reach almost US$5 billion.

Topics: Infrastructure- Chilean Economy- Public Tender

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Chile has an opportunity to include sustainability in its constitution

InvestChile - November,26,2020

The leading economist and academic, one of the most respected internationally, set out his vision of the post-pandemic economy during InvestChile’s e-seminar.

Topics: Chilean Economy- e-Seminar

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Chile issues first social bonds, achieving record participation

InvestChile - November,24,2020

Overseas investors accounted for approximately 48% of the total placement, ahead of the previous record of 24% in 2019.

Topics: Chilean Economy

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Chile takes first place in Latam in sustainable development ranking

InvestChile - September,24,2020

“Although we still have a way to go, this report shows that we are on the right road,” said the Minister of Environment on learning of the results of the study published by Cambridge University Press.

Topics: Ranking- Chilean Economy

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Green bonds: Chile has allocated 24.8% of the US$2,373 million

InvestChile - July,13,2020

The projects financed include electromobility in Santiago’s Metropolitan Public Transport System and the Santiago-Rancagua Metrotren railway and new lines for the Metro subway.

Topics: Green Bond- Chilean Economy

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Mercer: Santiago is the city where the cost of living decreased most

InvestChile - June,16,2020

The Chilean capital dropped from 79th to 134th in the global survey.

Topics: Chilean Economy

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Survey: 58% associate Chilean products with quality

InvestChile - June,12,2020

A study by the Imagen de Chile Foundation found that wine and fruit are the Chilean products most recognized internationally.

Topics: International trade- Food Industry- Chilean Economy

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Chile in the OECD: The milestones of a decade of membership

InvestChile - June,1,2020

The organization has influenced the design of a dozen programs and social policies, involving 87 legislative reforms, 14 new public institutions and the commissioning of 87 studies.

Topics: Chilean Economy- OECD

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Economic Climate in Latin America: Chile recovers top place in ranking

InvestChile - May,28,2020

According to the Getulio Vargas Foundation, there are few barriers to investment and exports in Chile, a greater access to capital and more stable economic policies as well as a high level of confidence in the Central Bank, an advantage compared to the rest of the region.

Topics: Ranking- Chilean Economy

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