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Betterfly closes a new round of investment funding with US$60 million

InvestChile - June,18,2021

The transaction included one of the world’s largest venture capital funds, which currently holds investments in Uber, Alibaba and TikTok.

Topics: global services- Start-Up- Entrepreneurship- Venture Capital- Venture Capital in Chile- Betterfly- VC

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New Venture Capital projects in Chile potentially worth US$125 million

InvestChile - May,31,2021

InvestChile has a portfolio of 26 projects at various stages of development, from planning to implementation.

Topics: Start-Up- Venture Capital- Venture Capital in Chile

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Investment by venture capital funds up by 125% in February-April

InvestChile - June,18,2020

The funds are focusing on SMEs with high growth potential.

Topics: Venture Capital- Acafi- Corfo

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Eight years of Start-Up Chile: projects achieve market value of US$1,400 million

InvestChile - November,20,2018

The start-ups supported by the local accelerator have a survival rate of 54.4% while retention in Chile is led by Argentine companies (18%). The accelerator is embarking on a new stage focusing on enterprises’ economic impact.

Topics: Start-Up- StartUp-Chile- Entrepreneurship- Venture Capital

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