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Picus Capital has Latin America in its sights

InvestChile - April,28,2022

The German venture capital firm aims to become one of the most influential funds in Chile and Latin America.

Topics: Venture Capital

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Venture Capital investment in Chile rose 1,700% in 2021

InvestChile - April,8,2022

Last year, 104 deals were made, with the majority of transactions between US$1 million and US$5 million, exceeding US$ 2.9 billion, according to the Chilean Venture Capital Association. The financing rounds were led by private funds and there was a high level of foreign participation.  

Topics: Venture Capital

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The details behind Sequoia’s investment in Chilean startup Fintual

InvestChile - November,26,2021

The US$39 million investment in Fintual marks Sequoia’s arrival in Chile amidst the burgeoning Fintech industry in Latin America. The company has invested in other regional startups, such as, Nubank and Rappi. 

Topics: Venture Capital- Fintech- Financial Market- Fintual- Sequoia

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Adepa is now in Chile and will provide services to investment funds

InvestChile - November,18,2021

Carlos Morales, CEO of the Spanish company Adepa, confirmed that the maturity of the local market has created a demand for these services. The aim is to expand from Chile across the region. 

Topics: global services- Venture Capital- Spanish investment in Chile- global services export- Management- Adepa- Spanish companies

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Latin America is on the radar of large investment funds

InvestChile - August,2,2021

Financial support, contacts, incentives and international relations are some of the benefits received by national startups when supported by these entities that are showing increasing interest in investing in new projects in the region.  

Topics: Entrepreneurship- Venture Capital- business accelerator- Venture Capital in Chile- startup- Investment Funds

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Family Offices and Chilean VC funds meet in strategic program

InvestChile - July,19,2021

The Scale VC Program, promoted by Endeavor and InvestChile, aims to impart knowledge to Chilean investors, connecting them with foreign investment funds so they can share experience and expand their networks, thereby accelerating venture capital investment in Chile.

Topics: Start-Up- Venture Capital- InvestChile- Endeavor- Venture Capital in Chile- Family Offices

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Unicorns in Chile: Local leaders foresee a domino effect

InvestChile - July,1,2021

Chilean companies like NotCo, Cornershop and Betterfly have already held remarkable investment funding rounds in their short lives as they have attracted attention from large international investment funds.

Topics: technology- Start-Up- Entrepreneurship- Venture Capital- AI- App- NotCo- Cornershop- The Not Company- startup- Unicorn

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New Venture Capital projects in Chile potentially worth US$125 million

InvestChile - May,31,2021

InvestChile has a portfolio of 26 projects at various stages of development, from planning to implementation.

Topics: Start-Up- Venture Capital- Venture Capital in Chile

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Investment by venture capital funds up by 125% in February-April

InvestChile - June,18,2020

The funds are focusing on SMEs with high growth potential.

Topics: Venture Capital- Acafi- Corfo

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Chile among Latin America’s venture capital leaders

InvestChile - August,14,2018

In Brazil, there are 64 initiatives in which large companies support and provide resources to start-ups while, in Chile, there are 28, leaving Mexico in third place, according to a study by Prodem, supported by Wayra. 

Topics: Venture Capital

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