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Chile is the country with the highest sustainable investment potential

InvestChile - September,4,2023

The Climatescope ranking places Chile ahead of countries like India, western China and Colombia.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Sustainability

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American cold storage multinational acquires Chilean company

InvestChile - June,29,2023

Emergent Cold Latin America acquired Hook Chile, the company’s third acquisition in Chile, where it has already invested around US$150 million.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Industry

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US Senate approves agreement to avoid double taxation with Chile

InvestChile - June,23,2023

The agreement will promote investment by residents of one country in the other, trade in services between the two, and technology transfer.

Topics: Foreign Investment

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Lithium: 46 firms from 12 countries have already met with InvestChile

InvestChile - May,2,2023

Foreign companies have shown great interest in participating in the different links of the mineral’s value chain in Chile during meetings with the agency.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Mining- Lithium

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Green foreign investment to confront climate change

InvestChile - April,5,2023

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), green foreign direct investment (FDI) flows have increased significantly in recent years, becoming the largest FDI category. In this context, Chile has positioned itself as a pioneering country.  

Topics: Foreign Investment- Environment- Chilean Economy

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PedidosYa announces that it will keep investing in Chile

InvestChile - April,3,2023

Amid the slowdown in consumption, the Uruguayan brand has launched a new subscription plan which it expects to account for 20% of purchases through the platform by the end of 2023.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Global services

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OHLA is awarded the concession of the National Cancer Institute

InvestChile - March,28,2023

The Spanish company will invest more than €300 million (around US$323 million) in the concession contract in Chile, and will generate approximately 1,200 jobs during the peak of the construction phase.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Infrastructure

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30 years of concessions in Chile: What are the new challenges?

InvestChile - March,15,2023

The works privatization system today has totalled more than 100 contracts and more than US$27 billion in works distributed throughout the country.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Infrastructure

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Chile presents investment opportunities in infrastructure

InvestChile - March,2,2023

The portfolio includes 54 projects to be awarded through 43 tenders promoted by the Chilean government that are worth more than US$13 billion in investments in the Latin American country.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Infrastructure

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Canadian mining firm to develop US$ 2.4 billion project in Chile

InvestChile - February,27,2023

The initiative, which is located in the Valparaíso Region, will produce 180 thousand tons of fine copper each year, with a useful life of 26 years.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Mining

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UNCTAD forecasts «weak» global outlook for foreign investment in 2023

InvestChile - January,20,2023

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), negative or slow growth in many economies and further deteriorating financing conditions will put downward pressure on FDI this year.

Topics: Foreign Investment

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Mexico's Alsea to open more than 20 restaurants in Chile in 2023

InvestChile - December,26,2022

The operator of Burger King, Starbucks, PF Chang’s and Chili’s has more than 220 restaurants in the country and intends to continue increasing that number by taking a chance on expanding throughout Chile.  

Topics: Foreign Investment- Mexican investment

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Nestlé will invest US$140 million to expand Chile plant

InvestChile - October,12,2022

The project will double current production capacity at the Purina brand facility in located in Teno, in Chile’s Maule Region.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Food Industry- Foreign companies

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The seven keys to understanding the new «Let’s Invest in Chile» plan

InvestChile - September,14,2022

The strategy includes 28 measures to boost growth. We explain which of them are important for foreign investors to understand.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Chilean Economy

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Foreign investors optimistic about Chile’s economic prospects

InvestChile - April,22,2021

A report prepared by the Universidad del Desarrollo’s Studies Center in Economics and Business in collaboration with nine binational chambers of commerce reveals that confidence has moved from neutral to optimistic.

Topics: Foreign Investment

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FinTech firms report positive numbers despite the pandemic

InvestChile - March,26,2021

According to a study conducted by EY and FinteChile, 60% of survey respondents saw their clientbase grow and 71% are seeing an increase in sales.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Technology- Fintech- Financial System

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Santiago accounts for 60% of Equifax's global digital transformation

InvestChile - March,18,2021

SDC Santiago has outperformed the multinational´s software development centers in Dublin and Atlanta, where products are created and marketed in the 24 countries in which the company operates.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Servicios globales

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Chile is the LatAm country with the most potential to attract FDI

InvestChile - February,8,2021

In its Global Opportunity Index, the Milken Institute highlights the friendliness of Chilean institutions to foreign investors.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Global services- Ranking

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NotCo raises US$85 million to finance expansion plan and eyes the US

InvestChile - September,10,2020

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, invested in the round of financing that the firm will also use to expand its range of products.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Food Industry- Foodtech

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Foreign Investment: InvestChile's project portfolio grows 82% in 2018

InvestChile - January,7,2019

The inflows reached US$14.1 billion for 277 projects, which will generate 15,408 jobs. Among all sectors, mining stood out with US$4.8 billion of the total investment, which in turn explains Canada's leadership in the analysis by country.

Topics: Foreign Investment

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