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Exchange program to China: Lithium industry immersion for Chileans

InvestChile - August,29,2023

The initiative developed by Fundación Encuentros del Futuro and Tianqi Lithium’s «We Share» fund will provide training to postgraduate students at Chinese companies and universities for one month, contributing to the development of Chile’s lithium industry. 

Topics: Lithium- Chinese investment- Talent

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What are the most in demand IT professionals in Chile?

InvestChile - August,23,2023

A study by public-private organization Talento Digital para Chile and Chile’s National Training and Employment Service (SENCE) has revealed a range of labor market trends and the skills that are most in demand to boost Chile’s digital economy. 

Topics: Global services- Technology- Talent

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Promoting digital talent: Google awards 3,500 scholarships in Chile

InvestChile - June,8,2023

With the aim of promoting technological skills and generating job opportunities in the digital sector, Google’s initiative is an example of the type of investment that will allow the country to close gaps, strengthen a high-value sector and improve the skills of the Chilean people.  

Topics: Global services- Digital Economy- Talent

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Are you young and interested in ICT? Don't miss the ICT Competition!

InvestChile - October,11,2022

Technology corporation Huawei announced a new edition of its prestigious competition, which aims to attract young talent.

Topics: Global services- Technology- Chinese investment- Talent

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Advanced Manufacturing: The key to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

InvestChile - September,19,2022

The University of Chile, together with ASIMET and Corfo, are developing technological solutions to move Chilean industry from traditional to advanced manufacturing by taking advantage of the fourth revolution.

Topics: Chilean Economy- Talent

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Chile promotes digital talent with 1,000 specialization scholarships

InvestChile - September,8,2022

Talento Digital para Chile, InvestChile and CORFO will work alongside leading companies in the export of information technology services to expand access to quality jobs and position Chile as an exporter of technological services.  

Topics: Technology- Digital Economy- Education- Talent

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Google provides 500 technology training scholarships in Chile

InvestChile - August,26,2022

The initiative aims to expand job opportunities in high-demand fields such as project management, IT support, data analysis and user experience design. 

Topics: Global services- Technology- Education- Talent

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Ranking: Four Chilean universities among the best in the world

InvestChile - August,17,2022

Universidad de Chile and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile stood out in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, among other Chilean institutions.

Topics: Ranking- Education- Talent

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Alpacas’ superpower against COVID-19

InvestChile - May,10,2021

Chilean scientists have discovered that an alpaca antibody blocks the Brazilian, British and South African variants of COVID-19. This is the same team of researchers that identified and produced neutralizing agents against SARS-CoV-2 from alpacas last year.

Topics: Innovation- Coronavirus- Talent

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The importance of digital talent for attracting new business

InvestChile - November,26,2020

The importance of digital skills for the labor market was at the center of debate during InvestChile’s e-seminar.  

Topics: Digital Economy- e-Seminar- Talent

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Four keys for addressing changes in the workplace after the pandemic

InvestChile - November,26,2020

The World Economic Forum’s Mexican expert on employment and training, Leticia Gasca, offered her advice during the e-seminar organized by InvestChile.

Topics: Coronavirus- e-Seminar- Talent

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World Bank: Chile has the best human capital in Latin America

InvestChile - October,15,2018

In its new Human Capital Index, the World ank concludes that children born in Chile today will, when grown up, be 67% as productive as they could be if they enjoyed complete education and full health.

Topics: World Bank- Latin America- Talent

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