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Index places Chile among regional leaders in digital maturity

InvestChile - June,23,2022

Chile stands out as one of the most advanced countries in Latin America, and is above the global average in the index produced by EY based on surveys in 15 of the region’s economies.  

Topics: Digital Economy

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Amazon satellite internet to be available in Chile from 2023

InvestChile - May,12,2022

Jeff Bezos’ company will be able to install, operate and exploit tracking, telemetry and command stations in Chile. They will connect to the Kuiper Systems satellite constellation, the Amazon division that is directing the project globally. 

Topics: Digital Economy

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AI video editing startup closes investment round in the US

InvestChile - January,7,2022

Runway developed software to automate video editing and generate new content based on algorithms by writing a simple sentence. It has just raised US$35 million with Coatue - which has worked with Tesla, Spotify and Snap -  as the main investor. 

Topics: Digital Economy

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Key elements of Chile’s digital services tax

InvestChile - December,28,2021

The measure has generated US$306 million in tax revenue since its implementation. Google, Netflix and Apple have paid the most, followed by the Sony, Spotify and Facebook platforms. The United States has the highest number of entities subject to the tax in Chile, with a total of 112 companies.

Topics: Digital Economy

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JOKR raises US$260 million investment and becomes a unicorn

InvestChile - December,15,2021

Now with a presence in more than seven countries, the company started its global operations eight months ago and its Chilean operations less than two months ago. The company promises delivery in less than 15 minutes.  

Topics: Digital Economy

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Chile: The heart of Latin America’s tech hub

InvestChile - September,30,2021

The South American country is forecasting technology investments totaling US$4.3 billion and 8,600 new jobs for digital talent. Foreign investment will be key to achieving these targets. 

Topics: technology- Digital Economy- Tech investment- Digital Hub- Connectivity- Digital Talent- Tech Hub

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Chile launches new manual for global services exports

InvestChile - September,2,2021

Chile, which has 21 chapters dedicated to the service sector in its current trade agreements with 56 economies, has now launched the first “Manual for Service Exports and Free Trade Agreement Opportunities.” 

Topics: Digital Economy

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SpaceX to put 10 new Chilean satellites into orbit

InvestChile - May,28,2021

The Chilean government has signed a contract with the Israeli company ImageSat International to manufacture eight of these devices in the Cerrillos National Space Center that is to be built in Santiago, Chile.

Topics: Digital Economy- Digital Transformation- Digital Infrastructure- SpaceX- Satellite- Chilean satellite- ImageSat

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Accenture creates Applied AI business unit in Chile

InvestChile - March,24,2020

This year, it will focus on the natural resources sector, principally the mining, forestry and fuel industries, where there are opportunities to develop solutions for the use of data analytics in decision-making.

Topics: Digital Economy

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Yape, the robot that will be delivering food in a few years time

InvestChile - February,27,2020

Hummus, a salad and carrot cake. This is what the Yape robot of Italy’s e-Novia delivered last Monday to Patrik Bergareche, CEO of Just Eat, in a demonstration that food delivery robots are already a reality.

Topics: Digital Economy

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Chile is the LatAm country best prepared to develop a digital economy

InvestChile - February,19,2020

In a study that seeks to promote the strong development of a digital economy globally, Chile ranks as the Latin American country best prepared to start implementing the new economic model. It took 34th place internationally.

Topics: Start-Up- Digital Economy- Digital Readiness Index 2019- Cisco

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Chile bids to become a digital hub with US$9,1 million investment

InvestChile - May,24,2019

The Chile tech transformation initiative is based around three key pillars: international optical fiber interconnections, the development of local fiber optics and a 5G tender scheduled for early 2020.

Topics: Digital Economy

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Starbucks and Burger King to strengthen focus on delivery in Chile

InvestChile - March,15,2019

The emblematic coffee chain plans to remodel 20 stores in line with the new concept which will make its debut with an application to create customer loyalty through rewards.

Topics: Digital Economy

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Digital economy: The 30 most used applications in Chile

InvestChile - December,31,2018

According to Movistar Chile, Facebook, Google and YouTube head the list of the most used apps, indicating the high penetration of digital platforms in the South American country.

Topics: technology- Digital Economy- Ranking

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The digital economy accounts for 22.2% of Chile’s GDP

InvestChile - November,30,2018

According to estimates by Accenture, this is equivalent to some US$55,000 million. Chile scored 33.1 points in the Digital Economic Value Index in which it led the region, thanks to its high adoption of digital technologies, accelerators and digital talent.

Topics: Innovation- Digital Economy

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10 Facts about Chile's growing technology hub

InvestChile - March,27,2018

There is a reason why so many countries are modeling their entrepreneurial ecosystems after Chile’s. With serious investments in tech and innovation, the Chilean government has spurred some amazing opportunities for tech startups to launch and grow in the country.

Topics: Digital Economy

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