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Xepelin raises US$111 million in an historic Series B round

InvestChile - May,10,2022

The Chilean Fintech announced that the financing round was led by Avenir and Kaszek, along with the participation of others, such as PayPal Ventures, Wellington, Picus, Cathay-Seaya Latam and Gilgamesh. 

Topics: Fintech

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Peruvian fintech firm seeks to expand from Chile to the entire region

InvestChile - March,31,2022

The paytech firm Instacash Preauth has raised US$800,000 with Alaya capital and 500 startups. After entering the market in April 2021, it has grown 20% in each of the past 10 months and now has a team of 15 people in Chile. 

Topics: Fintech

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FinTechs that began in this region are expanding throughout LatAm

InvestChile - February,1,2022

Tribal Credit, Jeeves, Clara and Xepelin are companies expanding into various parts of the continent. Most share the vision that the public is under-served and see this as an opportunity, especially in financing for the small- and medium-sized business segment. 

Topics: Fintech

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The details behind Sequoia’s investment in Chilean startup Fintual

InvestChile - November,26,2021

The US$39 million investment in Fintual marks Sequoia’s arrival in Chile amidst the burgeoning Fintech industry in Latin America. The company has invested in other regional startups, such as, Nubank and Rappi. 

Topics: Venture Capital- Fintech- Financial Market- Fintual- Sequoia

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International start-ups explain why they chose Chile 

InvestChile - October,29,2021

Chile’s vibrant local entrepreneurship ecosystem, international trade agreements, financing programs and high level of technological development are the main factors that attract foreign investment to the country. 

Topics: success stories- technology- StartUp-Chile- Entrepreneurship- Fintech- Foreign companies- startup- Tech Hub

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Bank of America prepares to open new business in Chile

InvestChile - August,19,2021

This Wall Street giant became interested in Chile after its Central Bank authorized the internationalization of the Chilean peso. Its main goal is to support its clients in foreign exchange operations.  

Topics: Fintech- Banking- Central Bank of Chile- Finance- Bank of America- Wall Street- banking in Chile

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FinTech firms report positive numbers despite the pandemic

InvestChile - March,26,2021

According to a study conducted by EY and FinteChile, 60% of survey respondents saw their clientbase grow and 71% are seeing an increase in sales.

Topics: Foreign Investment in Chile- technology- Fintech- Finance

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Fintech and open banking in Chile: Legal framework fast-track

InvestChile - November,30,2020

The Ministry of Finance will work to draw up a legal proposal for an Open Banking Standard, promoting competition and innovation in the financial market and the incorporation of new fintech players. 

Topics: Fintech- Banks- Ministry of Finance

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Chilean ICT developers make their way into the US market

InvestChile - January,29,2020

The trade commissioners of Chile in New York and Miami indicated that innovation in financial services and entrepreneurship are the heavyweights of the sector in the world’s leading economy.

Topics: global services- Entrepreneurship- Digital Infrastructure- Fintech- ICT- global services export

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Fintech in Latam: They are lasting longer and incorporating more women

InvestChile - October,21,2019

A study by Digital Bank Latam shows that more than half of fintech firms in Latin America last more than two years and, in some cases, more than ten years, that over 20% have operations in more than three countries and that there are very few without the presence of women.

Topics: Fintech

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Japan’s SoftBank prepares arrival in Chile

InvestChile - July,25,2019

With a fund of US$5,000 million to allocate to innovative projects in Latin America, it will prioritize FinTech companies in the country, linked to digital wallets, payment methods and international remittances, among other services.

Topics: Fintech- Japan- Softbank- Banking

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