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What are the most in demand IT professionals in Chile?

InvestChile - August,23,2023

A study by public-private organization Talento Digital para Chile and Chile’s National Training and Employment Service (SENCE) has revealed a range of labor market trends and the skills that are most in demand to boost Chile’s digital economy. 

Topics: Global services- Technology- Talent

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Equinix will invest US$46 million to expand data center in Chile

InvestChile - August,14,2023

President and CEO of Equinix, Charles Meyers, has said that he expects “a significant scaling of the business in the coming years,” following the integration of operations acquired during 2022.

Topics: Technology- Data Center

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Chilean mining industry leads digital transformation

InvestChile - January,5,2023

The Chilean mining sector uses social networks for around 88% of its purchases and sales, according to the 2022 Digital Transformation Index (DTI). 

Topics: Mining- Technology

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Yango Delivery aspires to be Top 3 in last mile delivery in Chile

InvestChile - November,8,2022

Yango Delivery has chosen Chile to start its operations in Latin America because of the ease of doing business in the country, as well as its entrepreneurial ecosystem. The company is looking at Colombia and Brazil to expand its presence in the region in the future.  

Topics: Global services- Technology- Last-mile

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Are you young and interested in ICT? Don't miss the ICT Competition!

InvestChile - October,11,2022

Technology corporation Huawei announced a new edition of its prestigious competition, which aims to attract young talent.

Topics: Global services- Technology- Chinese investment- Talent

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Chile promotes digital talent with 1,000 specialization scholarships

InvestChile - September,8,2022

Talento Digital para Chile, InvestChile and CORFO will work alongside leading companies in the export of information technology services to expand access to quality jobs and position Chile as an exporter of technological services.  

Topics: Technology- Digital Economy- Education- Talent

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Google provides 500 technology training scholarships in Chile

InvestChile - August,26,2022

The initiative aims to expand job opportunities in high-demand fields such as project management, IT support, data analysis and user experience design. 

Topics: Global services- Technology- Education- Talent

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Google Cloud: «We see Chile as a digital hub for Latin America»

InvestChile - December,3,2021

The company’s global CEO, Thomas Kurian, explains the reasons why they decided to launch their Cloud Region in the country today: economic strength, presence of large industries and creative companies, and professional expertise.

Topics: Global services- Technology- Digital Economy

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Chile activates US technological investments for US$1 billion

InvestChile - November,8,2021

InvestChile met with representatives from companies such as AWS, EdgeConnex, Synopsys, SpaceX, Netflix, ViacomCBS and KKR, among others.  

Topics: Global services- Technology- Digital Economy- Chilean Economy- Foreign companies

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Chile: The heart of Latin America’s tech hub

InvestChile - September,30,2021

The South American country is forecasting technology investments totaling US$4.3 billion and 8,600 new jobs for digital talent. Foreign investment will be key to achieving these targets. 

Topics: Technology- Digital Economy

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OECD: Chile among the countries with the highest growth in fiber optic

InvestChile - September,7,2021

The South American country ranks sixth among the organization’s 38 member states, behind Belgium, Austria, Israel, Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

Topics: Technology- Digital Economy- Optical Fiber

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FinTech firms report positive numbers despite the pandemic

InvestChile - March,26,2021

According to a study conducted by EY and FinteChile, 60% of survey respondents saw their clientbase grow and 71% are seeing an increase in sales.

Topics: Foreign Investment- Technology- Fintech- Financial System

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Tech Investment: EdgeConneX announces Edge Data Center in Chile

InvestChile - January,22,2021

The availability of Oracle FastConnect coincides with the opening of the Edge Data Center, with plans to develop a second facility to meet growing demand for technological infrastructure in Chile and in the region.

Topics: Technology

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The Not Company: One of the 100 Technology Pioneers of 2020

InvestChile - July,3,2020

The Chilean company was recognized by the World Economic Forum for using vanguard technology to address global problems.

Topics: Technology- World Economic Forum- Startup

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Nanotec will export gold nanoparticles made in Chile

InvestChile - August,13,2019

They enhance the conductivity properties of sensors to make devices lighter and more flexible. Due to these advances, the Internet of Things is expected grow at an unprecedented rate.

Topics: Technology

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Frog scooter brand to start regional expansion from Chile

InvestChile - July,4,2019

The aim is to cover eight Chilean cities in 2019 with 7,000 scooters and, over the next 24 months, to open in six markets, starting with Argentina, Peru and Uruguay.

Topics: Technology- Last-mile

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Chilean children study with robots

InvestChile - February,1,2019

While at first they were a tool to teach programming, nowadays their uses have expanded to work with curriculum-related content. With them, children learn abstract subjects that were previously taught on the blackboard.

Topics: Technology

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Is Chile a model for Latin America on how to attract tech investments?

InvestChile - January,23,2019

The southern country’s good reputation, backed by the trade policies and macroeconomic figures of recent years, has positioned it as a leading player in the region. Learn about the keys to this process.

Topics: Technology

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Digital economy: The 30 most used applications in Chile

InvestChile - December,31,2018

According to Movistar Chile, Facebook, Google and YouTube head the list of the most used apps, indicating the high penetration of digital platforms in the South American country.

Topics: Technology- Digital Economy- Ranking

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Chile signs technology transfer agreement with Pacific Alliance

InvestChile - December,5,2018

Representatives of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru have signed an agreement to establish a network of technology transfer offices in a bid to facilitate coordination and cooperation on innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Topics: Technology

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